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Rawls Students Compete In National Collegiate Ethics Case Competition

Trevor Bell

November 11, 2013

Rawls College of Business students recently competed in the National Collegiate Ethics Case Competition held at the University of Arizona, in Tucson.  MaKaila Nzere, MSA student and Tony Trahan, business student were advised by Dr. Kelli Frias in the competition and the School of Accounting graciously sponsored the trip.

This is the first time Rawls students have participated in the event.  Thirty-two universities throughout the US and Canada participated in the two-day competition, which included three rounds of competition, team-building challenges, and an inspiring talk about business ethics given by David Myers, former Controller for Worldcom.

MaKaila Nzere, Tony Trahan, Dr. Kelli Frias

The students acted as healthcare consultants advising a fictitious company about whether and how to implement a wellness program for their employees. 

The students were then evaluated based upon creativity, ethical implementation, and presentation of idea.  Wellness programs have stirred up great controversy in recent weeks as many companies are looking to penalize workers for a range of health conditions, including high blood pressure and large waistlines.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, companies such as Michelin North America will increase workers' insurance premiums by nearly $1000.00 per year if they don't maintain health standards.    Rising healthcare costs and lack of participation in voluntary programs are often to blame.  Some argue this is a form of legal discrimination while others suggest workers should not have to pay for rising healthcare costs of their coworkers are unhealthy.  MaKaila and Tony addressed this dilemma during two rounds of the competition.

Makaila and Tony thoroughly enjoyed the competition and would like to see Rawls College students participate in similar events in the future.

Makaila said, "I had an opportunity to network with students and faculty from universities all over North America. This being the first occasion Texas Tech representatives competed in the competition, we were able to observe techniques and strategies that could improve our current abilities to compete effectively at other competitions".

Tony also enjoyed the complexity of case competition preparation and hoped we continue with a team next year.  Tony remarked, "It was an extremely competitive, fascinating environment to be a part of.  I'm sad that I am graduating.  Otherwise, I would continue to advocate for this type of case-competition team for the Rawls College."

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