Texas Tech University

Certificate in Energy Gives Students Competitive Edge in Energy Industry

Trevor Bell

March 31, 2014

Students of various disciplines in the Rawls College of Business have the opportunity of establishing themselves in the oil and gas industry by obtaining a Certificate in Energy. The Certificate in Energy, a five course - 15 credit hours - certificate program, is designed to prepare undergraduate students who are in non-energy related majors - such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing (Supply Chain), Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, and Management - with the skillsets required to enter and thrive in the energy industry.

"Energy is the biggest, most multi-disciplinary business in the world. While our Energy Commerce major targets only the oil and gas exploration phase, our Certificate in Energy program is designed to provide Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and ISQS majors the proper energy education," Terry McInturff, area coordinator for the Area of Energy, Economics and Law, said. "The Certificate in Energy proves necessary for our students to thrive as energy traders, supply chain and big data managers, energy tax and accounting specialists, and transportation and logistics professionals."

For three recent Rawls College students, Brennan Moore, Ann Vaughn and Ellen Cresto, the Certificate in Energy proved vital in achieving their career aspirations.

ann vaughn

"Being able to have the knowledge I gained from the Certificate in Energy courses helped me understand the energy industry. It is beneficial to me, because it allows me to step right into the job and contribute," Ann Vaughn, a December 2013 M.S.A. graduate and future Staff Accountant for Marathon Oil in Houston, Texas, said. "The knowledge, skills and tools I need to succeed.Everything I learned while in school will only help benefit me in my career."

brennan moore photo

"I think the Certificate in Energy a perfect marriage between Finance and Energy Commerce. It makes me more effective and proficient as an employee," Brennan Moore, a December 2013 Finance graduate and current Financial Analyst for Conoco Phillips in Bartlesville, Okla., said. "The more you know about the oil and gas industry, the better you are at selling yourself as a potential hire. A lot of people graduating with a Finance degree understand the financial side of the business, but not everyone understands oil and gas leases or the economics of the industry. This is what gave me a competitive advantage."

ellen cresto

The Certificate in Energy Commerce distinguished me from other job applicants, and the recruiters were interested to hear how my knowledge translated to applicable skills, Ellen Cresto, a senior marketing supply chain major who will work as a Next Generation Employee for National Oilwell Varco in Houston, said. I used the Certificate of Energy as a main selling point to show that I'm a well-rounded student. I customized my degree to give myself a broad spectrum of choice for career opportunities.


For more information regarding the Certificate in Energy, please contact Kellie Estes, Director of Operations - Center for Energy Commerce, at kellie.estes@ttu.edu or Terry McInturff at t.mcinturff@ttu.edu.