Texas Tech University

Dr. Dass Named J.B. Hoskins Professor of Marketing

Trevor Bell

April 10, 2014

dr dass

Congratulations to Dr. Mayukh Dass on being named the J.B. Hoskins Professor of Marketing at the Rawls College of Business. The professorship offers Dr. Dass additional funding which will further assist his research interests on managerial issues in dynamic economies, brands, and art markets.

"It's a great honor, and this professorship will be a great help in terms of my research," Dr. Dass said. "It will help broaden my research horizon and allow me to do things which I could not in the past due to the lack of funding."

He follows Drs. Shelby Hunt and Roy Howell, who each held the professorship prior to Dr. Dass.  To learn more about Dr. Dass, contact him via email at Mayukh.Dass@ttu.edu or visit his website.

This supports the efforts outlined in the Rawls College of Business Strategic Plan. Learn more about the LEADER 2020 Strategic Plan and follow our progress on Twitter at #RawlsLeads.