Texas Tech University

Marketing Ph.D. Candidate Xinchun Wang has Manuscript Accepted for Publication

Trevor Bell

January 26, 2015

Xinchun Wang, a Ph.D. candidate in the Area of Marketing, recently had his manuscript, "Using external knowledge to improve organizational innovativeness: Understanding the knowledge leveraging process," accepted for publication in the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. This research was co-authored with Dr. Dennis Arnett, John B. Malouf Professor of Marketing, and Dr. Limin Hou, Associate Professor of Marketing at East China University of Science and Technology.

The manuscript aims to develop a better understanding of the process used by organizations to leverage external knowledge. A model of the knowledge leveraging process is developed, which hypothesizes: (1) joint sense-making is a key antecedent to both explicit and tacit knowledge exchange; (2) a dual role for explicit knowledge exchange (i.e., as an antecedent of both tacit knowledge exchange and absorptive capacity); and (3) absorptive capacity is a key mediator between knowledge exchange (both explicit and tacit) and organizational innovativeness.

Results from the study suggest key roles for both joint sense-making and absorptive capacity in the knowledge exchange process. Ultimately, the study increases understanding of how organizations leverage external knowledge to improve organizational innovativeness, and it provides specific guidance for managers interested in leveraging external knowledge.

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