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Rawls Welcomes Visiting Professor Dino Villegas, Ph.D., from Chile

Trevor Bell

January 23, 2015


The Rawls College welcomes Visiting Professor Dino Villegas, Ph.D., who joins the college after extensive professional and academic experience in Chile. As Visiting Professor, Dr. Villegas teaches International Marketing (MKT 4358) and Sales Management (MKT 4359), where he hopes to use his knowledge of the international business sector to positively influence students' thinking.

"Students need to think about how different countries and cultures operate in business. One of the most difficult things in international business is understanding how your culture differs from others and how that difference can affect business," Dr. Villegas said. "But, if students can learn to understand that, they will have an advantage and a more strategic view of how to work with other countries."

In his International Marketing course, students will be tasked with implementing a marketing plan for an international product launch. Dr. Villegas is coordinating the project with companies and investors in Chile to give students the opportunity to apply the lessons learned in class to a real-world business scenario.

In the Sales Management course, Dr. Villegas teaches students the importance of relationship building and how leaders can influence business.

"Students should understand that, in business, they will always deal with people. Sometimes we forget that business is about people. Additionally, my classes focus on the rapid changes in the world and how the change of power and leadership will impact business, and, ultimately, how students can use this knowledge effectively," he said.

Dr. Villegas has a Master of Arts in Communication and a Ph.D. in Advanced Management for a Global Economy, and he has been a professor in many Chilean universities and been invited to academic conferences in Europe and Latin America. He is currently a Vice President of the Iberoamerican Communication Strategies Forum (FISEC), a research group that brings together academics from over 20 countries.

Professionally, Dr. Villegas was the founding director for the Center of Leadership and Innovation on Training (CLIC) and has more than 12 years of experience advising organizations and executives in industries such: mining, energy, banks, retail, telecommunications, transport, and NGOs. In the 2013 Chilean election, he was the campaign manager for the presidential candidate and current Rawls Visiting International Scholar Franco Parisi.


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