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Dr. Stephanie Thomas has Research Accepted for Publication in IJPDLM

Trevor Bell

June 30, 2015

Dr. Stephanie Thomas, assistant professor in the Area of Marketing, recently had her study, "The impact of relationship history on negotiation strategy expectations: a theoretical framework," accepted for publication in the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management (IJPDLM). IJPDLM ranks as an "A" journal in the Rawls College of Business and as one of the top journals for supply chain management.

Dr. Thomas' research explores how the history of a supply chain relationship impacts expectations concerning negotiation strategy use. Through a qualitative research method of interviewing experienced buyers and suppliers to understand the complexity of supply chain negotiations, Dr. Thomas found a theoretical framework which emphasizes the impact of relationship history on negotiation strategy expectations in long-term buyer-supplier relationships. The data supported the idea that previous negotiation interactions build a history between the involved organizations, which in turn creates expectations. The study determined that when negotiation strategy use is consistent with expectations, the relationship history will continue to develop in the same manner as it has previously. Conversely, when negotiation strategy expectations are violated, the relationship impact will differ depending on evidence of extra-relational factors that lead to a strategy change.

Practical implications of this research show that buyers and suppliers should consider the strategy expectations of their negotiation partner: When actions are inconsistent with expectations, the effects impact the relationship. From a future research standpoint, researchers can now quantitatively test the theoretical framework, which has the potential to open up new streams of research on relationship history and supply chain negotiations.

Dr. Thomas' research is set to appear in the eighth issue of IJPDLM this fall. The journal aims to be the principal home the world comes to for leading edge research bridging strategic areas of business-to-business management, physical distribution, business logistics, marketing channels, and supply chain management.

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