Texas Tech University

2015 Summer Internship Spotlight: Shanice Martin, Enterprise

Trevor Bell

July 22, 2015

Name: Shanice Martin

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Arlington, Texas

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2016


This summer, Shanice Martin is interning with Enterprise in Arlington, Texas, where she is working in the sales department. As a marketing major, Shanice is applying the skills learned in the classroom and preparing herself for success after graduation. Thus far, this internship has proved to be an eye-opening experience and has helped her understand what is needed to succeed in a professional environment. Learn more about Shanice's internship experience this summer in the Q&A below.


What are your responsibilities at Enterprise?

As an intern, my responsibilities at Enterprise are that of almost a full-time employee. One has to be very comfortable with people, socializing, and answering phones. We greet people at the door and get them checked into our automated system for renting cars. There are extensive rules and knowledge one must know. For example, I now thoroughly know how car insurance works. We take great pride in the maintenance of our cars also, so duties might revolve around taking cars to get gas, oil changes, and evaluating damage. It is also a very competitive company. We focus heavily on sales and are always striving to get better at it. Individuals are ranked and those who are elite sellers are rewarded, which I think is a great aspect of the company.

How have the skills and knowledge gained at the Rawls College transferred to your internship?

I must say that any teamwork skills developed in the Rawls College have helped me tremendously. The company works as a huge team and mentors are highly encouraged. Team projects from my previous classes definitely prepared me for the cooperation and organization needed at work. I even have to prepare a presentation with a fellow intern at the end of my internship, which will be a cake walk due to my business classes. I am also seeing the functions of different majors come into play in the business like management, marketing, and accounting, and how they work together.

How did the Career Management Center help you obtain your internship?

First of all, the CMC helped me get the internship by preparing me with a well-formatted resume. They also go above and beyond when it comes to Career Expos such as transportation, dress code, and helpful tips. I met Enterprise recruiters through the spring Career Expo and was instructed to apply online. After two interviews I got the internship!

What advice would you offer students looking to obtain a great internship?

Some advice I would give to students looking to get an internship would be to not be afraid to apply! Apply, apply, apply! You don't know what's out there until you give it a try. Try to stand out also, especially in interviews. Always have good eye contact and be confident in what you do and say. Show people that you have a compassionate side also by doing volunteer work. Always be enthusiastic and eager to learn. At Enterprise they always emphasize "staying hungry." It's what helps you advance in careers. Lastly, show people that you can work hard and that you can become a great asset to their company.

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