Texas Tech University

2015 Summer Internship Spotlight: Mark Khan, Hewlett Packard

Trevor Bell

August 12, 2015

Name: Mark Khan

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Round Rock, Texas

ExpectedGraduationDate: December 2016

Internship: Hewlett Packard

Mark Khan is a senior marketing major who intends to graduate in December 2016. Throughout his time at Texas Tech and the Rawls College, Mark has been involved with many student organizations and community outreach initiatives. In 2014, Mark was an executive director for the Texas Tech team that raised more than $30,000 for St. Jude, as a part of the hospital's "Up 'til Dawn" collegiate program. He now serves in a national capacity for the program as a member of the National Visions Committee for the organization. Within the Rawls College, Mark is the director of community service for the Tech Marketing Association. He was also a campus ambassador for a variety of brands, including Coca-Cola, Amazon, Keurig and Ubisoft. This summer, Mark interned with Hewlett Packard in Houston as a business strategy intern. Learn more about Mark's internship experience in the Q&A below.

Mark Khan HP-2

What were your responsibilities at HP?

I worked as a business strategy intern for Hewlett Packard Servers on the Program Management Office team. This team served as the internal consulting team for all server products. My role this summer was to program and manage a training series which was open to all new hires across HP servers. This included communicating with all stake holders which ranged from senior directors to new hires. I was in charge of coordinating and tracking progress of all training activities for 40 new hires and 10 instructors. A typical day for me as a business strategy intern consisted of planning, coordinating and facilitating training sessions. I also acted in a supporting role for several work streams that ranged from competitive analysis to business model mapping.

How did the skills and knowledge gained at the Rawls College transfer to your internship?

Through the Rawls College, I have learned many skills that were applicable to my internship. The courses I have taken provided an understanding of business concepts we used at HP every day. The college taught me how to lead and manage projects effectively and proficiently. At HP, our team projects affected senior leader decision making, so it was imperative that we collaborated to accomplish our tasks with the highest quality. The time and effort put into class projects truly prepared me for the variety of assignments I completed at HP. Along with project management skills, the Rawls College helped facilitate my presentation abilities. At my internship, I was asked to present my ideas and projects on a daily basis.

How did the Career Management Center help you obtain your internship?

During one-on-one critique sessions, the Career Management Center helped me tailor my résumé to ensure my listed skills matched the requirements HP looked for in the intern position. The CMC also helped with my LinkedIn profile, which is one of the reasons I obtained my internship. During Career Expos hosted by the college, I had the opportunity to network and interview with different companies and organizations, and this opportunity prepared me for my HP interview. Through the CMC, I found organizations like the Tech Marketing Association, which taught me how to be presentable and marketable to companies. Networking is key; with more than 300,000 employees at a global company like HP, it is essential to show a company more than just a résumé in order to demonstrate to potential employers that you are the right choice for a coveted position.

What advice would you offer students looking to obtain a great internship?

Utilize the network around you to be successful. My friend's father works for HP, and I asked if I could connect with him on LinkedIn. After we connected, I informed him I was interested in an internship at HP, and he helped me learn more about the position and how to apply. It is also important to look and apply for positions in an industry you think you are interested in. Even if this changes, it is still necessary to start early in your college career in order to gain an idea of where you would want to work one day. Also, don't discount any opportunities. My internship is not a marketing position, but I knew this opportunity at a great company like HP would open doors for me.

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