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Dr. Karam Wins Journal of Management Best Paper Award

Trevor Bell

September 16, 2015

Dr. Liz Karam, assistant professor in the Area of Management, received the Journal of Management 2015 Best Paper Award for her publication, "Leadership in teams: A functional approach to understanding leadership structures and processes." The paper was selected by the journal's editorial board because of its scholarly impact over the past five years. Dr. Karam - along with the paper's coauthors, Dr. Fred Morgeson (Michigan State University) and Dr. Scott DeRue (University of Michigan) - was honored at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Vancouver, Canada.

The paper summarizes prior research on leadership in teams and focuses on how leadership can arise from sources both inside and outside the team. It describes 15 team leadership responsibilities that help teams satisfy their critical needs and regulate their behavior in the service of goal accomplishment. These responsibilities are identified in terms of relevance to two important aspects of high performance teams: establishing structures and processes that enable future team performance, and focusing on activities that directly contribute to the team's goals.

"For example, we identify defining the team's mission, establishing expectations and goals, and training and developing team members as structures and processes that enable future team performance. Conversely, monitoring the team's performance, managing the team's relationships with other teams, and providing resources for the team are leader roles that directly relate to the team's goal accomplishment," Dr. Karam said. "By defining specific roles and responsibilities, we aim to highlight how a team leader can better help the team perform and ultimately reach its goals."

For more information about the paper or her research interests, Dr. Karam can be reached at elizabeth.karam@ttu.edu.

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