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Area of Management Continues Successful Research

Trevor Bell

November 23, 2015

Several faculty members and Ph.D. students in the Area of Management recently had manuscripts accepted for publication in top industry journals.

Please join the Rawls College in congratulating the following individuals:

  • Ron Mitchell's article, “Stakeholder inclusion and accounting for stakeholders” (with Van Buren, Greenwood, and Freeman), has been recently published in the Journal of Management Studies (JMS), as the leading article of a special issue on "Accounting for Stakeholders."
  • Mitchell's article, “Stakeholder agency and social welfare: Pluralism and decision making in the multi-objective corporation” (with Weaver, Agle, Bailey and Carlson), has been accepted for publication in the Academy of Management Review. In addition to Dr. Mitchell's work as the lead author, two former Ph.D. students from the Rawls College, Adam Bailey and James Carlson, are co-authors on the paper.
  • Rob Davison's two articles, “Managing coordination in multiteam systems: Integrating micro- and macro-perspectives” (with de Vries, Hollenbeck, Walter and van der Vegt) and “Gender differences in justice evaluations: Evidence from fMRI (with Dulebohn, Lee, Conlon, McNamara and Sarinopoulos), have been accepted for publication in the Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Applied Psychology, respectively.
  • Bill Gardner's co-authored paper, “Authentic leadership, authentic followership, basic need satisfaction, and work role performance: A cross-level study,” became available on the Journal of Management (2015, 41, 1677-1697) September issue online.
  • Hans Hansen's article, “Institutional Judo: How entrepreneurs use institutional forces to create change,” will appear in the next issue of the Journal of Organizational Change Management. The paper is co-authored with five management Ph.D. students that Dr. Hansen has worked with: Angela Randolph, Shawna Chen, Robert Robinson, Alejandra Marin and Jae Hwan Lee.
  • Hansen and Ph.D. student Hamid Vahidnia's co-authored paper, "Exploiting the poor in faraway places: A corporate guide," was awarded the Best International Business Paper Award, sponsored by Emerald Publishing, in the 2015 Critical Management Studies Division of the Academy of Management Conference.
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