Texas Tech University

Timothy Howard Honored as Rawls Fall 2015 Banner Bearer

Trevor Bell

November 30, 2015


Timothy Howard will represent the Rawls College of Business as the banner bearer for the Fall 2015 Commencement on Saturday, Dec. 12. Howard is graduating Summa Cum Laude with a dual degree in marketing and management.

"It's an honor to represent the Rawls College at graduation because the education and support I received from the faculty was phenomenal. I always found that the faculty took a legitimate interest in my well-being as a student and were willing to assist in any way," he said.

Howard, who is from Midland, Texas, has been active in many organizations at both the Rawls College and Texas Tech during his collegiate career. He has been a member of the Honors College Ambassadors, Eta Omicron Nu Community Service Organization, and Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. In addition to his organization involvement, Howard has been part of the Texas Tech String Orchestra, serving as the second violin section leader, and he has worked with the TECHniques Center as a business tutor since January. After graduation, Howard is pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas.

"The Rawls College and Texas Tech have taught me the importance of striving for excellence and maintaining your integrity. I came into college wanting to learn the material rather than to simply get a grade, and I feel that I accomplished that. I'm thankful for everything I've learned," Howard said.

When reflecting upon his achievements as an undergraduate, Howard offered advice to students currently pursuing their degree.

"Take advantage of every single resource that Rawls has to offer, such as the Career Expo, and put yourself in a position to succeed. Ask employers and alumni what they want to see in a graduate and take their advice to heart. It's also important to start forming connections with classmates and your professors. Networking is essential in business, and these relationships will help you as you progress in your career."

Fall 2015 Commencement for the Rawls College of Business begins Saturday at 1:30 p.m.