Texas Tech University

Stephanie Bohn Honored as Staff Employee of the Quarter

Trevor Bell

December 18, 2015

stephanie bohn

Stephanie Bohn, assistant director for the Area of Finance and the School of Banking, has been awarded the Rawls College Staff Employee of the Quarter.

Before joining the Rawls College in August 2013, Stephanie began her career at Texas Tech with Academic Support & Facilities Resources (ASFR), a division of the Provost, as an academic unit coordinator. With ASFR, she worked closely with the Rawls College, Whitacre College of Engineering, College of Architecture, and Undergraduate Education/Student Affairs for section building and collaborative academic processes. In her current role, Stephanie is in charge of working with the Area of Finance's faculty members to develop curriculum and academic programs in order to meet the college's strategic goals.

"Receiving this award is a great honor, and I'm very privileged to be part of a group that, despite everyone's dissimilarities and eccentricities, manages to make every day at work seem like an episode of a situational comedy," she said.

Stephanie is also actively involved with the university by serving on several committees and organizations, including the Texas Tech Staff Senate; OP Review Committee, where she serves as the chair; Texas Tech Staff Public Relations and Marketing Committee; University Discipline Committee; and Mentor Tech.

She received her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Texas Tech in 2005. After graduation, Stephanie continued her graduate education at the University of Texas at Arlington, initially studying health psychology before switching paths to English.

In addition to the award, she will receive $1,000 and use of a designated parking space for the quarter. Last quarter, Jerry Trevino, a senior analyst within the college, received the award.