Texas Tech University

Area of Management Offers Enhanced Entrepreneurship Course

Trevor Bell

February 3, 2016

As success in business is increasingly reliant on entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, the Area of Management has converted BA 2190 to MGT 3390 (Perspectives on Entrepreneurship). This change moves the course from a one-hour credit to a three-hour credit. The newly adapted course, taught by Dr. Keith Brigham, is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the key concepts in entrepreneurship, the important role that entrepreneurship plays in economic growth and job creation, and an understanding of the role of the entrepreneur. Additionally, students will gain practical knowledge of entrepreneurship tactics and have the opportunity to assess their own interest in pursuing entrepreneurship.

Throughout the semester, the course will welcome a variety of entrepreneurial guest speakers who have become successful in their careers. These speakers will represent entrepreneurs and business thought leaders from a variety of companies, both large and small. There is also the potential for one-on-one networking and gaining career resources, as a result of extended interactions with the speakers.

"This class has a very real-world focus and much of the learning will come from interactions with weekly speakers who are practicing entrepreneurs and will share their unique perspectives on entrepreneurship," Dr. Brigham said. "Our hope is that through these presentations, students will see the value of entrepreneurship, determine their own interest in becoming entrepreneurs, and learn the appropriate steps needed to become successful."

To learn more about MGT 3390, please contact the Undergraduate Services Center.

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