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Terry Foundation Executive Ed Cotham Gives Advice to Students Looking to Join Non-Profits

Trevor Bell

February 24, 2016

Ed Cotham, Chief Investment Officer of the Terry Foundation, recently visited with Rawls leaders to discuss his role in the non-profit organization. Cotham detailed his journey from the corporate world to non-profits, and he explained how his background in economics and law help him succeed at his job.

Throughout his presentation, Cotham gave insights into the professional world - both corporate and non-profit. He emphasized the possibility of success in non-profits for anyone interested in business, whether they have a background in the area or not.

"Transitioning to non-profits has been challenging, but rewarding," Ed Cotham said. "You must be prepared to learn and grow as a professional, no matter how much experience you have."

Cotham's time with the Terry Foundation has proven that he has much to offer the world of non-profits. He currently manages the Foundation's endowment portfolio, and he was named President of Terry Petroleum in 1993. Cotham believes that any young business student can make a mark in the professional world, as long as they have the dedication.

"Listening to Mr. Cotham discuss how young professionals have the ability to change the lives of so many people around them was inspiring," senior marketing major Zach Stewart said. "He reminded me that I have a lot to offer the world, and that drives me to perform better in the classroom and beyond."

"Mr. Cotham is an incredible man," junior marketing major Gavin Howell said. "He takes encouragement from giving to others and that type of selflessness is truly inspirational."

Ed Cotham

About Ed Cotham

Ed holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Houston and a master's degree in economics from the University of Chicago. A native Texan, Ed returned to complete a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ed is a nationally recognized expert on Civil War history and has authored three books on military history. He and his wife, Candy, have one son and reside in Houston.

About the Terry Foundation

The Terry Foundation is a Houston-based scholarship program founded to provide scholarships to outstanding Texas high school graduates and transfer scholars for attendance at public colleges and universities within the state. Established in 1986 by Houston philanthropists Howard & Nancy Terry, the Foundation has assisted thousands of Terry Scholars in meeting the Founders' goal of helping Texas college students to help themselves.

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