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Rawls Accounting Alumna Adriana Garcia Argullin Achieves Success After Graduation

Darla Vasquez

March 9, 2016


Rawls alumna Adriana Garcia Argullin has spent her four years since graduation making a name for herself in the accounting world. As an undergrad, Adriana was a member of the Accounting Leadership Council and was a part of the Texas Tech Honors College. While in school, she used the lessons she learned in the classroom to obtain an internship with Weaver accounting firm's Midland location, which led to an offer for a full-time position. Upon graduating, Adriana accepted a job with Weaver and completed her CPA exam, which earned her an Outstanding Achievement Award for scoring Top 10 in the state of Texas. After spending two years with the company, Adriana decided to return to Lubbock to continue her career in accounting with McMahon Vinson Bennett, LLP. Find out what Adriana has learned from her time with the college and her experiences after graduation in the Q&A below.

How did the School of Accounting and the Rawls College prepare you for a successful career in accounting?

The School of Accounting strengthened the work ethic that my parents instilled in me when I was younger. All of the courses I took and professors I encountered have played a part in my career; together they have built a strong foundation for my career, which has allowed me to flourish.

The accounting program at Rawls was helpful from start to finish. In five years, you are able to obtain your bachelor's and master's degrees and pass your CPA exam. The program truly prepares students for the real world before leaving school, and it provides wonderful opportunities to network. For example, I obtained my internship by attending one of the college's Meet the Firms nights.

What classes do you use most in your professional role?

The classes that I have used most in my career so far have been Partnerships (with Dr. Masselli), Tax Research, Individual Income Tax Accounting and Accounting Systems.  My Partnership class was a tremendous help. I was able to utilize the information from this class and complete partnership returns from start-ups to partnerships that had been around for years. My Tax Research class was also extremely helpful. It gave me the skills I need to efficiently and effectively search through tax code and other resources in order to provide my clients with the most up to date tax information.

How did you prepare in order to do so well on the CPA exam?

I was fortunate enough to be able to start taking the CPA exam while I was in my last semester of the M.S.A. program. I read through the study material that I had for each section, and I found that practicing as many multiple choice questions as I could helped the most. I was able to take two sections of the exam before I graduated. The master's program not only prepared me to start a career, but was excellent in preparing me to take the CPA exam. One of my final classes with Dr. Ricketts was dedicated to studying for the CPA exam. He was instrumental in guiding our class through the entire process of applying and sitting for the exam.

What advice would you offer current accounting students who are about to enter the professional world or take the CPA exam?

My advice for students entering the professional world would be to stay excited. You are starting a new career with endless possibilities. If you are preparing for the CPA exam, study hard and finish it while you are still in study mode. The more time that goes by, the harder it becomes to balance work, home life and studying.

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