Texas Tech University

Dr. Ron Mitchell's Entrepreneurship Course Provides Value to Students

Trevor Bell

April 8, 2016

Due to the current economic climate, universities are focusing on how they can be more entrepreneurial. Angel networks and venture capital groups are flourishing. Even Sesame Street is getting into the act with the launch in February of Sesame Ventures to fund emerging companies aligned with the group's child-focused mission.

Dr. Ron Mitchell brings reality to his entrepreneurship class with a format that students call Shark Tank. The activity is modeled after the popular ABC show of the same name. Dr. Mitchell's class allows students to develop their entrepreneurial ideas and get feedback on their presentation of the idea.

University students across the country are demanding more entrepreneurship-related courses and experiences. Texas Tech University has embraced those student desires and its regional economic prosperity mission. Due to his excellent development of the entrepreneurial program at Tech, Professor Mitchell was highlighted in the Spring 2016 issue of Eureka magazine.

Watch an overview of Dr. Mitchell's class and its value to the students in the video below.


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