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Alumnus Spotlight: Robbie Leffel, Energy Commerce

Darla Vasquez

October 24, 2016

Robbie Leffel

Robbie Leffel, a 1984 petroleum land management graduate from Texas Tech University, currently serves as president of RD3 Consulting LLC, where he provides input and insight into crude oil lease purchases and sales, as well as logical solutions to the end markets. Prior to joining RD3, Leffel worked his way from vice president of crude oil marketing to senior vice president of crude oil at Enterprise Products. In his early career, Leffel worked for Amoco Oil Company in various roles, creating a solid background and foundation of knowledge in the crude oil industry.

How have the skills you acquired through your petroleum land management degree helped in your energy commerce career?

I graduated with a PLM degree in December 1984. At that time, there was not an energy commerce degree or program in place.  I have spent my entire career in the crude oil sector, and what students are being taught today in the energy commerce department is a huge advantage stepping into the work world.  Even being able to understand the terms within the business is a huge advantage over other students from other areas competing for the same jobs.

What did you do, as both a student and entry-level employee, to position yourself for success?

When I graduated with a PLM degree, the placement center did not have a program in place for that degree, so I used the resources available in the college to identify possible employers.  I sent out numerous resumes and was fortunate to get one interview and a job offer with Standard Oil of Indiana (Amoco) as an associate division order analyst.  My success was based on a drive to be successful both in school and in the work place.  I did not settle for being average.  Going the extra mile was the norm for me, not the exception.

What qualities do you look for in recent graduates applying for entry-level positions?

I recently spoke to some students in the energy markets class and these are the things I discussed as being key to success in the work place:

  • Integrity
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Building Relationships
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Team Player
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Accept Criticism

What is your fondest memory of the Rawls College?

Building friendships at Texas Tech are by far my greatest memory.  I still am in close contact with many of those people today.  My B.B.A .degree gave me the original opportunity to be successful in the work place.

What advice would you give current students in the Rawls College?

A degree is your first step in pursuing a career.  The first job out of school is just the beginning.  The first job may not be your ideal job, but amazing things can happen to a person who has a great work ethic and integrity.  If you put in the effort and humble yourself to learn from others, success will follow.


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