Texas Tech University

Student Org. Spotlight: Multicultural Student Business Association

Darla Vasquez

October 11, 2016


The Multicultural Student Business Association is an organization focused on the professional development of students, as well as the creation of a diverse community of leaders within the Rawls College of Business.

Who is eligible to join MSBA?

All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to become members of MSBA. Faculty and staff of Texas Tech University are also welcome to join as honorary members.

Do you have any details about membership requirements and responsibilities?

Members are required to be in good standing with the university and are required to pay membership dues.

Are there any upcoming activities for MSBA?

The biggest event for MSBA will be taking place in April. Ten selected MSBA members will be able to attend the Texas Diversity and Leadership Conference held in San Antonio.

What are some benefits of joining MSBA?

MSBA will increase your networking opportunities with people from various countries, as well as expand your knowledge of business etiquette and culture.

For more information about the Multicultural Student Business Association, please email ttumsba@gmail.com.

This supports the efforts outlined in the Rawls College of Business Strategic Plan. Learn more about the LEADER 2020 Strategic Plan and follow our progress on Twitter at #RawlsLeads.