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Student Spotlight: Bill Sessions, Health Organization Management

Darla Vasquez

November 16, 2016

Bill Sessions

William (Bill) Sessions is currently on track to graduate in December with a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in health organization management at the Rawls College of Business. Following his graduation, Sessions will continue his education at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), where he will pursue a Doctor of Medicine. In May 2015, he earned a Master in Biomedical Science from TTUHSC. Before becoming a Red Raider, he graduated from Southwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in biology. During his time with Texas Tech, Sessions has been active in his field, both in school and beyond. He is currently president of the Medical School Government, as well as the dean's ambassador and class of 2019 vice president for the School of Medicine. Through his position as president of Medical School Government, he recently held a Day of Service, an event where he was able to organize over 200 TTUHSC student volunteers throughout the Lubbock community. Additionally, Sessions volunteers with various organizations, such as High Point Village and Lubbock Impact Medical Clinic. Learn how his experiences have prepared him for a career in the health organization industry in the Q&A below.

Volunteerism and Leadership

What have been your favorite leadership roles and why?

My favorite leadership role is as the medical school government president. I enjoy it the most because it gives me autonomy to impact the lives of medical students and other Health Sciences Center students.  It provides me the opportunity to teach and encourage future health care professionals to be the best version of themselves, so that they can provide the best care to their patients.

What has been the most rewarding volunteer experience you've had?

The most rewarding volunteer experience I have had is my weekly Sports-n-Fun class at High Point Village. High Point Village is a faith-based, non-profit organization developed to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs by providing resources, support and training. I am very comfortable working with this community, as I grew up with a brother who has Down Syndrome.  I like to bring other future health care professionals to participate in the Sports-n-Fun events, so that they can learn to be comfortable interacting with people with disabilities.  I enjoy working with and teaching people with disabilities, as they are filled with joy and are excited to see me and my team each week.

Bill Sessions High Point Village

Why are you passionate about helping your community?

I am passionate about service because we all need help some days, and I believe that helping to build each other up is a great way of giving back to the community.


Where was your preceptorship?

I did my preceptorship at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Department of Internal Medicine.

What were your responsibilities?        

I was responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to improve the pay scale for the staff within the department.

How did the skills and knowledge gained at the Rawls College transfer to your preceptorship?

The skills and knowledge I gained at the Rawls College were key to my ability to understand processes in health organization management. That understanding allowed me to evaluate situations, not just from a numeric standpoint, but most importantly from an organizational, behavioral point of view.

What opportunities did the Rawls College provide to help you obtain that position?

My professors in the Rawls College were incredibly supportive and encouraged me to independently identify positions and pursue the one that best fit my interests. They are available if I need help, but encourage self-sufficiency, which is necessary to be successful in my chosen career path.

What did you enjoy most about working at your preceptorship?

I enjoyed the autonomy given to me by my preceptor, as well as the encouragement to think outside the box. The combination of those two things allowed me to gain a lot of great experience.

What advice would you offer students looking to obtain an internship, preceptorship or full-time job?

Having self-awareness of their own preferences and interests is key. I recommend that students take the initiative to find and pick a preceptorship/internship that fits their preferences and that is interesting to them.  This will allow them to be the best version of themselves that they can be, while learning and successfully completing the experience.

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