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The Second City Teaches Students the Value of Confidence in the Workplace

Darla Vasquez

November 21, 2016

Second City

The Second City improvisation group recently hosted a workshop at the Rawls College with the purpose of teaching students tools of improvisation that will put them ahead of the competition at their next interview. Some goals of the workshop were to help students gain confidence while learning tactics to manage nervousness, network like a pro, and keep a sense of humor in the face of the unexpected. This 90 minute, highly interactive workshop gave students tools they can use right away to make the most of every employment opportunity.

"Eve Krueger and Greg Ott are real professionals, and I was impressed watching them teach their craft in the business setting.  Although the workshop was targeted at using improvisation in job interviews, I was interested in its application in sales. Roughly 70 percent of marketing majors nationally begin their careers in sales positions.  This makes my personal selling course particularly relevant for our students in the Rawls College of Business. While I have long used mindfulness and improvisational exercises in the class, I have never encountered anything like what I learned at Thursday's Second City workshop. My primary reason for attending the workshop was to pick up a few tips to bring back to my classroom. I was overwhelmed with ideas. These ideas will benefit hundreds of my students in the coming years. This was one of the most valuable workshops I have attended in quite some time," marketing professor Bob McDonald said.

"The Second City workshop has been incredibly helpful to me. After listening to the group's advice, they would make us apply it in small and large group exercises. After one week, I am still applying what I learned, and my peers can see the difference. I am now more professional because I am sure of myself. I start conversations with strangers and practice my elevator speech with them. I am very glad I attended this workshop, and I hope they come back next year," Marilu Rodriguez said.

"The workshop did focus on the importance of job interviewing in a humorous way. Active participation was the core of the workshop and ensured that there was no boredom. Each 'act' of the workshop allowed for active learning followed by reflection and understanding of how to act during a job interview. Body language is very important and the workshop iterated this point," Kamal Bhakta said.

To view more photos from the Second City workshop, please visit the Rawls College's Flickr account.

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