Texas Tech University

Student Org Spotlight: Financial Management Association

Darla Vasquez

January 24, 2017

What is the purpose of the Financial Management Association?

FMA exists to increase the hire-ability of its members. It does this through networking events, company presentations, skill training events, and recruiting trips to Dallas and Houston.

Who is eligible to join FMA?

Any student at Texas Tech University can join FMA. However, the typical FMA member is a student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.

Do you have any details about membership requirements and responsibilities?

To join FMA there is an annual due requirement of $60 for new members and $30 for returning members. To maintain membership there are no specific requirements. Attendance to the member meetings is encouraged, but is not mandatory.

Are there any upcoming activities/events you'd like to share with students?

FMA will be traveling to Houston on a recruiting trip later in the spring semester. This trip is for FMA members to make connections with companies in the Houston area, in the hopes that they will be able to secure employment after graduation.

What are some benefits of joining FMA?

As stated in the purpose, the main goal of FMA is to increase the hire-ability of its members. An aspect of professional development is present at every event that FMA puts on. Other benefits include meeting peers in finance courses, building resume and excel skills, and learning from professionals in differing finance careers.

"The Financial Management Association has given me an awesome avenue for success as a finance student. Through FMA, I have forged relationships with peers and professors that I hope will last a lifetime; I traveled on a recruiting trip to DFW, which resulted in a job with Accenture; and I have gotten the opportunity to hear from the professionals who work in the financial industry. I am very grateful for the impact FMA has had on my life," Owen Parmer said.

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