Texas Tech University

Faculty Members Donate Paintings to the Rawls College

Darla Vasquez

February 1, 2017

On Sunday, Jan. 22, 11 female members of the Rawls College faculty participated in an event at Painting with a Twist. The event gave the faculty members a chance to develop relationships across departments and areas within the college. At the venue, participants were randomly assigned to groups of four, and within those groups, members worked together to develop abstract art pieces. The finished artwork has been donated back to the Rawls College, and it will be hung in the building. Faculty members that attended the event include:

  • Shannon Rinaldo - Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Kelli Frias - Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Laura Cardella - Assistant Professor of Finance
  • Liz Karam - Assistant Professor of Management
  • Paige Rutner - Associate Professor of Practice, ISQS
  • Feruzan Williams - Associate Professor of Practice, Management
  • Kristen Bigbee - Instructor of Accounting
  • Celinda Moore - Instructor of Accounting
  • Sandy Ryan - Instructor of Management
  • Barbie Chambers - Assistant Professor of Practice, Director - Business Communication
  • Stephanie Thomas - Assistant Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management