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Rawls College Promotes International Experiences

Kaitlin York

February 15, 2017

Junior Perez, assistant director of the Rawls College's Center for Global Engagement, shares his thoughts and answers common questions students have regarding study abroad.

What are some upcoming study abroad opportunities for Rawls students?

We offer faculty-led and affiliate programs during the summer and exchange opportunities during the fall. The deadline for applying for these opportunities is March 1. To learn more about this summer's faculty-led programs, please stop by the McCoy Atrium during our program spotlight events.

Upcoming Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Spotlight Events

Feb. 16 - Business Economics in Europe

Feb. 21 - Business in Prague

Feb. 27 - Accounting and Finance Scholars Program

To view a comprehensive list of study abroad options, visit rawlsabroad.com.

Why should you study abroad?

Studying abroad gives you a competitive advantage since less than 1.5% of the student population in the United States studies abroad. According to recent research, students who study abroad can earn nearly $7,000 more in starting salaries compared to students who do not. 94% of students felt that their study abroad experience helped them secure their first job and students who study abroad found jobs 6 months faster on average then students who did not. 90% of employers say that students who have studied abroad are more likely to have the skills that they are looking for in new employees, such as cross-cultural communication, independence, cultural awareness, maturity and flexibility.

What should you do if you are interested in studying abroad?

Interested students should first attend a Rawls CGE Information Session, which are held on Mondays and Tuesdays at 4p.m. in BA 126. That session provides an overview of the programs offered and gives students a "checklist" of next steps.  It is never too early or too late to plan your study abroad experience.

Are there any study abroad myths you would like to address?

I have a couple of myths that I would like to address. First, the belief that studying abroad will delay your graduation. This is simply not the case for Rawls students. You can study abroad and graduate on time. Our office works closely with you to identify study abroad programs that offer classes you need to take for your degree. You can go for a semester, summer or even an entire year and still graduate "on time".

Second, the myth that study abroad is not affordable. At the minimum, Rawls students are eligible to apply for two scholarships. Additionally, there are many other funding/scholarship opportunities. Texas Tech has a financial advisor that works with students to help identify funding options for studying abroad. In some cases, several of our exchange programs' tuition is the same cost as Texas Tech's tuition, making programs way more affordable than in the past. There are a lot of scholarships and financial aid out there, both through Texas Tech and from outside sources. You can often use your current Texas Tech financial aid packages while studying abroad. Thus, studying abroad is financially feasible.

Are there some upcoming programs you would like to highlight?

Business Communication in Barcelona - Dr. Barbie Chambers teaches BCOM 3373 in a cross-cultural atmosphere with an overnight stay in Madrid, with cultural activities including Catamaran Sailing, Tapas cooking lesson and much more.

Business in Prague - Led by Dr. John Masselli and Claudia Cogliser, this program offers ACCT 3307, Income Tax Accounting, and MGT 4384, Managing Conflict and Negotiation. This long standing program has a built in excursion to Krakow, Poland and visits the concentration camp in Auschwitz, for a powerful experience.

Finance in France - Professor Jared Harrell leads this program to Paris and Nice, France with a multitude of insight on FIN 3320 (Upper Core Course) being taught for the summer I session.

Business in Ireland - Dr. Mike Ryan and Professor Sandy Ryan lead this program in Dublin, Ireland with an emphasis on Management, with MGT 3370 (upper core course) and MGT 3376 being offered.

Global Energy Perspectives - Professor Terry McInturff leads the Energy Commerce exclusive course with the program going to four different countries during the Maymester term. This program goes to London, England; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; and Budapest, Hungary.

This supports the efforts outlined in the Rawls College of Business Strategic Plan. Learn more about the LEADER 2020 Strategic Plan and follow our progress on Twitter at #RawlsLeads.