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Jarvis Scott Speaks at the Buesseler Distinguished Lectureship Series

Kaitlin York

March 28, 2017

Jarvis Scott (center) with Tom West (left), development associate for the Community Health Center of Lubbock, and Jeffrey Burkhardt (right), Rawls College professor of Health Organization Management and director for Center for Healthcare Innovation, Education and Research at Texas Tech.

The Buesseler Distinguished Lectureship Series featured speaker Jarvis Scott at the luncheon on March 24. Scott gave an inspiring account of her experience with health care after she suffered a stroke in 2004.

Scott grew up in the projects in south central Los Angeles with her parents and five brothers. She participated in track at her school which lead to the opportunity to compete in the Mexico Olympics in 1968. She then coached Texas Tech University women's track and field for almost 14 years before she retired.

After her stroke in 2004, she had to navigate the health care system for treatment and recovery assistance. Though the journey has not been easy for her, she credits her continued motivation to the support from her health care providers and her life mantra of never giving up.

She ended the speech by calling that health care professionals be given credit and take credit for all of their hard work. She asked that the health care industry continue to make strides in helping those who need it most.

About the Buesseler Distinguished Lectureship Series

The Health Organization Management program sponsors the John A. Buesseler Distinguished Lectureship Series, which is held each fall and spring semester to provide a platform for bringing well-known healthcare leaders and speakers to Texas Tech University to provide a platform for greater learning and healthcare industry exposure to students, faculty and community members. The lectureship series was named after distinguished alumnus Dr. John Aure Buesseler to recognize both the impact of his contributions to healthcare in West Texas and his profound impact at Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

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