Texas Tech University

Dr. Ronald Mitchell Awarded the President's Academic Achievement Award

Kaitlin York

April 3, 2017

Dr. Ronald K. Mitchell, professor of entrepreneurship and the Jean Austin Bagley Regents Chair in Management at the Rawls College of Business, has been awarded the Texas Tech University President's Academic Achievement Award for 2017. According to university guidelines, this award is granted to Texas Tech faculty who exhibit "excellence in achievement across the teaching-research-service missions of the university" as evidenced by "three years of faculty service, recognition by peers in one or more areas, evidence of productive scholarship, and demonstrated competence in the three areas." The faculty member must be nominated by his or her college dean.

In his nomination letter to the Honors and Awards Council, Interim Dean of the Rawls College, Paul Goebel, highlighted the fact that Dr. Mitchell has excelled at all three areas. "He has achieved an international reputation for research excellence, while simultaneously exhibiting outstanding teaching as well as public, professional, and institutional service," said Goebel.

As a management scholar, Dr. Mitchell specializes in the dual areas of entrepreneurship research and stakeholder research. He is one of the most productive and reputable scholars at the Rawls College, with 100 peer-reviewed research articles, five books and over 16,000 Google Scholar citations.

One of the support letters from Dr. Bradley R. Agle, the George Romney Endowed Professor and professor of ethics and leadership at the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, summed up Dr. Mitchell's achievements.

"As one who has had the privilege of working with several top professors at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Wharton, and other elite institutions, I am comfortable saying that Ron Mitchell is as fine a scholar and professor as can be found anywhere in the world.  He absolutely fits in the category of the world's greatest professors," said Agle. "I believe the President's Academic Achievement Award is particularly fitting for Professor Mitchell because his amazing scholarship has not been at the cost of superb teaching or service to the university and to his profession."

Dr. Keith Brigham, the area coordinator for management, shared his thoughts regarding the impact Mitchell's research has made. "I am an entrepreneurship researcher and have the seen the impact that Ron has had, and continues to have, in our discipline," said Dr. Brigham. "I would like to someday make half the impact he has in a single area. The fact that he has done this in two distinct fields is simply extraordinary."

Dr. Mitchell also demonstrates his dedication to teaching as a management professor. He has taught at the undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. levels, and overall has maintained a student evaluation rating above 4.5 on a 5- point scale for teaching effectiveness.

"I would describe Dr. Mitchell as a master teacher," said Dr. Brigham. "He is able to blend his substantial experience from practice with his vast academic knowledge and convey this into a dynamic learning experience for the student."

This dedication was further exemplified through the recommendation letters submitted to the Honors and Awards Council from Dr. Mitchell's past and present students. STEM MBA student, Brooke Walterschied, said, "I, as well has many of cohort members, can honestly attest that Dr. Mitchell's class was both the most illuminative and applicable course in the STEM MBA program."

His devotion to service is also notable. He serves on multiple top-tier journal editorial boards and has served as the past chair of the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management. Dr. Mitchell also has undertaken university service assignments such as project leader and author of the Possibilities Project to reorganize technology commercialization at Texas Tech, and co-chair of the President's Council on responsibility center management.

"These various appointments attest to his continuing willingness to serve, demonstrated competency and recognition by his peers," said Dr. Goebel.

Dr. Mitchell clearly upholds the three missions of Texas Tech University, and this award acknowledges his success as a researcher, teacher, and service leader. Please join the Rawls College in congratulating Dr. Mitchell on this prestigious award.

"I feel highly honored to receive the President's Academic Achievement Award at this point in my career," said Dr. Mitchell. "I wish to express how significantly I view this recognition by colleagues who each have become a part of a deeply satisfying and rewarding career here at Texas Tech University."

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