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Rawls College Recognizes Excellence in Teaching, Research and Service

Kaitlin York

May 18, 2017

Rawls College of Business faculty and Ph.D. students were honored for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the college at the 2017 Faculty, Staff and Student Annual Awards on Wednesday, May 10.

Please join the Rawls College in congratulating the following individuals on their awards:


Faculty Awards:

  • Excellence in Faculty Service- Dale Duhan (Marketing and Supply Chain Management)
  • Excellence in Teaching- Kirsten Cook (Accounting)
  • Excellence in Teaching- Nikki Kantelis (Energy, Economics and Law)
  • Carl & Linda Stem Distinguished Faculty Research- Yi-Jing Wu (Accounting)
  • Integrated Scholar of the Year- Mayukh Dass (Marketing)

Doctoral Student Excellence in Teaching:

  • Jon Durrant (Accounting)
  • Nasim Sabah (Finance)
  • Saman Bina (Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences)
  • Kiran Pedada (Marketing)
  • Matthew LaFont (Management)

Doctoral Student Excellence in Research:

  • Blair Marquardt (Accounting)
  • Xu Niu (Finance)
  • Yixiu "Ashley" Yu (Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences)
  • Miles Condon (Marketing)
  • Daniel Gullifor (Management)



5 Years

  • Chelsea Baucum (Career Management Center)
  • Kelsey Black (Graduate Services)
  • Stephanie Bohn (Dean's Office)
  • Kelli Frias (Marketing)
  • Chathry Keaton (Graduate Services)
  • Sandy Ryan (Marketing)

10 Years

  • Karen Fullerton (Management)
  • Hans Hansen (Management)
  • Staci Johnston (Career Management Center)
  • Lowell Lay (Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences)
  • Jerry Traviño (Dean's Office)

15 Years

  • Terri Beard (Marketing)
  • Keith Brigham (Management)
  • Terri Giddens (Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences)
  • Don Jones (Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences)
  • Jaeki Song (Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences)
  • Jerry Stevens (Management)

20 Years

  • Jessica Carillo (Dean's Office)
  • Mike Kennedy (Business Communication)
  • Jeff Harper (Marketing)

25 Years

  • Dale Duhan (Marketing)

35 Years

  • Surya Yadav (Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences)

To view pictures from the event, please visit the Rawls College Flickr account.

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