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Ph.D. Alumnus William Humphrey Receives Best Professor Award

Kaitlin York



Rawls College Ph.D. alumnus William Humphrey was awarded Best Professor from Florida International University's Master of Science in Marketing second cohort graduating class.

Humphrey started at Florida International University in May as an assistant professor and began teaching Social Media Marketing. The class consisted of learning theory, evaluating what was happening in industry and a completing a number of industry-recognized certifications. It also included a service learning project with a breast cancer charity, where theory and certifications were applied to real-world challenges with a detailed and deeply researched client recommendation.

Humphrey attributes his success in teaching to his time at the Rawls College. He said he had early opportunities to lecture in Dr. Shannon Rinaldo's classes where he began to build teaching confidence. He then went on to learn the importance of meaningful classroom experiences that compel students to have a higher level of engagement in Dr. Debbie Laverie's Practicum in Higher Education class. He brought many of the techniques he learned at the Rawls College into his classroom at Florida International University, including active learning activities, in-class polling, service learning and tweet chats on the weeks the course did not meet.

"This award means a great deal to me as the students voted on it, and they had to work really hard in my class (all were working full-time jobs and taking other classes)," said Humphrey. "It's an amazing opportunity to get to teach and research at an institution where research and teaching on digital marketing are valued and encouraged (thanks to a forward thinking department chair and collaborative colleagues). These students were up for the challenge of a heavy workload."

If you want to learn more about Humphrey's teaching style, you can read about how he uses leverage certifications in class here and read his Huffington Post article on teaching digital marketing using certifications here.

Humphrey will continue to teach the graduate-level Social Media Marketing class in the fall as well as a Personal Selling course to undergraduates. Please join the Rawls College in wishing him continued success in his teaching.