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Alumni Spotlight: Bobby Akinboro, ISQS

Chelsea Grunden

Alumnus Spotlight Bobby


Bobby Akinboro graduated with his bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems with a concentration in Web Application Design from the Rawls College in August 2015. After interning with Microsoft for two summers, he transitioned to a full-time position as a program manager. Akinboro was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and went to high school in Arlington, Texas before attending Texas Tech. Learn how the Rawls College prepared him for his career in the Q&A below.

What made you choose Texas Tech and the Rawls College in particular?

Texas Tech was originally an option through football scouting. Once I was no longer able to play football, I realized how great the Rawls College and Texas Tech was and made the decision to pursue a business degree. Originally, the five-year accounting program was what drew me in, but eventually MIS is what made me stay.

Why did you decide to pursue a degree in Management Information Systems?

I started my first two semesters as an accounting major, but it wasn't the field for me. My supervisor and mentor, Michele Moskos, helped me identify MIS and showed me how it could be a better route for me to take. I have always been business-minded, but I was equally interested in learning engineering and technology. MIS gave me the opportunity to explore both sides.

What did you love most about being a Rawls College student?

I had faculty that supported my dreams and were willing to mentor me toward the goals I set for myself. I genuinely believed that I was wholeheartedly supported by everyone in the college - from the dean, to the advisors, to the faculty and professors.

How has being a first generation student empowered you or made you stand out from your peers? How did it make your college experience different than your peers?

Being first generation just made me more interested in succeeding. I saw what my parents went through to give my siblings and I the opportunities that we were granted. When I came to the Rawls College, I realized that it was up to me to succeed. There was no other way that I could pay them back.

How did you get your job as Program Manager at Microsoft?

I interned at Microsoft for two summers prior to getting the job. My second internship landed me a full-time offer.

What does your job as Program Manager at Microsoft entail?

I work on a particular product. I fix and update different features in response to customer feedback. I also work closely with developers to improve the user's experience.

How did the Rawls College prepare you for your career?

All my development classes (JAVA, HTML5, Joomla, etc.) laid the groundwork for my career. Classes like Program Management and the upper-level ISQS classes taught me life cycle design and different management concepts that still help me succeed today.

Do you have any advice for students or recent graduates looking for jobs in your field?

Definitely. I believe there are multiple ways to find jobs now, and I believe that national job fairs are the best way to secure a good position. Those usually happen through organizations/conferences such as Grace Hopper, NSBE, AITP, SWE, etc. I also suggest reaching out to recruiters directly on LinkedIn.

Know what you want to do, and sell yourself in that area. Don't leave room for ambiguity, it makes a candidate seem indecisive. There's a difference between a candidate that is available for anything, as opposed to one that knows what they want, and is willing to learn more.