Texas Tech University

Ph.D. Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Allen

Kaitlin York

Kyle Allen


How did the Rawls College prepare you for a successful professorship at Utah Valley University?

As a professor we are asked to teach, research, and serve effectively and efficiently. My time as a Ph.D. student at the Rawls College of Business provided opportunities to do all three of these activities and learn how to incorporate them going forward.

What research projects did you work on as a Rawls College Ph.D. student?

As a Ph.D. student, I published two peer-reviewed articles in respected finance journals and was involved with many more. My research focused on money markets, banks, and financial regulation.

What teaching opportunities were you awarded and how did they help shape you as a teacher?

I had the opportunity to teach a few classes at Texas Tech. This experience helped me develop what I wanted to do in the classroom. During my time at the Rawls College, I was a recipient of the Ph.D. student teaching award.

What advice do you have for prospective students trying to determine what Ph.D. program is the right fit for them?

Students should find a program where they can succeed. All programs will be difficult but make sure you can work with the faculty and get the support needed to complete the degree.

What do you believe were the best aspects of the Rawls College Ph.D. program?

The best aspect of my Ph.D. program was the accessibility to professors in my discipline. We could go and ask for help at any time. We received guidance and opportunities to research which will help us in future positions.

How were your interactions with fellow Ph.D. students and Rawls faculty as a student and do you continue to have relationships with them now?

I had a great relationship with many of my fellow students. I am currently working with two of my former peers on research projects. I am also working with a few professors from Texas Tech; I am pleased to have that continuing support.

How have the experiences you gained at the Rawls College continue to impact your teaching and research today?

I research and teach largely based on what I saw and learned in the Rawls College of Business. I had great professors who taught us how to teach and research.