Texas Tech University

Ph.D. Student Spotlight: Nasim Sabah

Kaitlin York

Nasim Sabah


Why did you choose to pursue your Ph.D. at the Rawls College?

Rawls College is known for its excellent academic programs. With its good reputation and great research opportunities, the Rawls College was my top choice.

What do you like most about the Rawls College Ph.D. program?

The world-class faculty members are easily accessible to Ph.D. students, and provide a supportive environment for research.

What research projects have you worked on and why did you choose them?

I have been working on several research projects exploring the role of information on stock markets. I found these ideas intriguing, encouraging, and most importantly, leading faculty members have agreed to provide their guidance.

How has the program been flexible when accommodating to your interests as a researcher?

Faculty members are flexible about partnering in research projects, and the workload as an RA/TA is well-balanced to accommodate the individual interests of a Ph.D. student. Work hours are flexible and students can easily enroll in cross-college courses if necessary. Moreover, the Rawls College provides excellent support for Ph.D. students by providing the necessary software, additional research funds, and access to a big data server for research efforts.

Have you partnered with a Rawls College faculty member for a research project and if so, how has that experience been?

I have partnered with two faculty members and the experience has been positive. The professors are very thorough and helpful. We work as a group, and their guidance has helped shape my career path. Consequently, we have submitted one research paper to a top tier journal, and we are working on several other projects.

How have your interactions been with your peers at the Rawls College and how have those interactions benefited you?

The peers in the college are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I benefited tremendously from their knowledge-sharing behavior, and I learned a great deal from their intense discussions about topics that were unclear to me. I hope one day I will use their expertise to build future research collaboration.

How has the Rawls College supported you as a developing researcher and teacher?

The Rawls College offers everything you need to build a successful career as a researcher and a teacher: a rigorous curriculum, field-leading researchers, and an engaging student body.