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Study Abroad Spotlight: Hunter Tarman

Kaitlin York

Hunter Tarman

Hunter Tarman is a marketing and management dual major from Flower Mound. He studied abroad in Frankfurt, Paris and London on a faculty-led program over the winter intersession. Read the Q&A below to learn about his study abroad experiences.

What motivated you to study abroad?

I felt it would be a great way to travel to a place I had not been before while also fulfilling my degree requirements.

What was your favorite part about your international experience?

The aspect of studying abroad I enjoyed the most was the individual freedom we were given to explore. It was up to us to get the experience we wanted outside of pre-planned activities.

What was a challenge you faced while studying abroad and how did you overcome it?

Before the group met up in Frankfurt, I went with a small group to travel in the Netherlands and Belgium. Although we planned accordingly, traveling from one city to the next proved to be difficult, especially since some members of the group did not pack lightly. However, we were able to follow our travel schedule.

What did you learn by studying abroad?

I learned that traveling through Europe is a not as hard as one would think. Seeing all of the attractions is expensive, but sometimes unnecessary if you are on a tight budget. The cultures in Europe have many similarities and differences to the culture of the United States. One can adapt relatively quickly.

How will your study abroad experiences help you in the future?

Study abroad has shown me how to navigate unfamiliar surroundings. I am better able to adapt to new places. For example, you do not travel in a European city by car if you are on a tight budget. The transit systems are affordable and can get you from one place to another quickly.

What advice do you have for students considering studying abroad?

Once you have set your mind to travel abroad, do not hesitate to do so. Complete all the required steps as soon as possible. Apply for scholarships; you might just get one! Begin planning your trip right away so you can get the most out of your experience. Look for events and/or attractions and make plans to attend them; I promise they will enhance your experience. Most of all, do not be afraid to explore while you are abroad. Others will say it is dangerous to venture outside of the group. I am comfortable being on my own and that is what allowed me to experience more than I would have if I had not ventured out. Be aware of your surroundings just like you are when you are on campus or at home.