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Kiran Pedada Named Runner-Up in Dissertation Proposal Competition

Chelsea Grunden

Kiran Pedada


The Rawls College would like to congratulate marketing Ph.D. candidate and part-time instructor, Kiran Pedada, for being selected as runner-up in the Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Dissertation Proposal Competition. He will receive his award at the SMA conference in Louisville this November.

The SMA Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award recognizes the best of emerging scholarship in marketing and related fields, such as logistics and supply chain management. The runner-up proposal award comes with a cash prize, complementary conference registration, recognition and plaque at the awards ceremony and a presentation of the proposal in an Annual Conference Special Session.

"I am honored and humbled that my dissertation proposal has been chosen as runner-up in the SMA Dissertation Proposal Award Competition," Pedada said. "This recognition means a lot to me since my research focuses on international marketing joint ventures in emerging markets, an under-researched area that has become a strategic priority for many firms. I am motivated and excited to explore this important area of research going forward."

Pedada's dissertation, "Essays on International Marketing Joint Venture Dissolutions in Emerging Markets," focuses on dissolution of international marketing joint ventures (IMJV) formed between firms headquartered in developed markets (DM) and firms headquartered in emerging markets (EM). Padada said although there is an increasing interest in IMJV formations between DM and EM firms, and the related increase in these dissolutions, there is limited research available in literature focusing on IMJV dissolutions in EM. Using a uniquely compiled dataset, Pedada investigated the antecedents and the effects of these types of dissolutions and found some counter-intuitive results. The dissertation offers managers a better understanding of what the effects of IMJV dissolution are, under what conditions to make dissolution decisions and what details firms should provide and not specify in the announcement.

"I am grateful and indebted to my advisor Dr. Mayukh Dass and my committee members Dr. Shelby Hunt, Dr. Dennis Arnett and Dr. Venky Shankar (Texas A&M University) for their outstanding guidance, endless support and constructive feedback," Pedada said.