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Arden Taber Speaks at Buesseler

Chelsea Grunden

Buesseler Luncheon


The Health Organization Management (HOM) program welcomed Arden Taber, director of provider relations and network management for Zenith Insurance Company, as the guest speaker at the Buesseler Distinguished Leadership Series Luncheon. The luncheon was on Oct. 20 at 11:45 a.m. in the Hall of Nations at the International Conference Center.

Jeffrey Burkhardt, professor and director of the health organization management program, welcomed everyone to the event, including donors, students and Rawls College's Dean, Margaret Williams.

In his presentation, "Insurance 101," Arden discussed different ways to think about insurance from both the patient and the provider perspectives. He discussed different health insurance terminology people needed to know, including deductible, co-insurance, copay and summary plan description; types of insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, workers' compensation, self-funded and private pay; and questions a patient needs to ask, including questions about cost, access to care and quality of care.

Taber spoke of healthcare and insurance from the provider's perspective, including issues surrounding the business model, cost of business and profit versus nonprofit. He encouraged all healthcare providers to be their own advocate and to be aware of everything that goes into the cost and back-end of healthcare.

Taber touched on headlines in the news regarding the medical field, including issues with healthcare fraud and the national opioid crisis.

He summarized his presentation by encouraging people to be educated. He stressed that people need to understand their insurance coverage and how insurance in general works. Taber proposed a question for the HOM students to consider: is it better to have bad health insurance or no health insurance?

The HOM program is a joint venture between the Rawls College and the Health Sciences Center School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy. Students within the program obtain the business training required to meet the demand for individuals with sophisticated management and leadership skills in the healthcare industry.

About the John A. Buesseler Distinguished Lectureship Series
The Health Organization Management program sponsors the John A. Buesseler Distinguished Lectureship Series, which is held each fall and spring semester to provide a platform for bringing well-known healthcare leaders and speakers to Texas Tech University to provide a platform for greater learning and healthcare industry exposure to students, faculty and community members. The lectureship series was named after distinguished alumnus Dr. John Aure Buesseler to recognize both the impact of his contributions to healthcare in West Texas and his profound impact at Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

About Dr. John A. Buesseler
Dr. Buesseler's academic accomplishments include Bachelor of Philosophy (Zoology) and Doctor of Medicine (Ophthalmology) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master of Science in Business Administration from University of Missouri-Columbia, and a dissertation away from Doctor of Philosophy (Business/Public Administration) at Cornell University. He consulted with national and international organizations including NASA where he served on the Space Medicine Advisory Group in successfully developing life support and research requirements for the Orbiting Space Research Laboratory. A three-war veteran (WWII, Korea, Vietnam), he served as a PFC, Senior Flight Surgeon and Special Forces Colonel. Dr. Buesseler is Emeritus Founding Dean of the Medical School and Emeritus Founding Vice President for Health Sciences of TTUH SC and Founding CEO of its Health Sciences Center. In 1971, Dr. Buesseler became Founding Professor of Health Organization Management, a joint-venture department between the Texas Tech School of Medicine and Rawls College of Business. HOM has become a program of academic excellence and national renown. He has served Rawls College with distinction and, since his retirement, with continued supportiveness.