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Business Senator Spotlight: Ashley Riggs

Casey Montalvo

ashley riggs


Sophomore Ashley Riggs is a management major who plans to focus on supply chain management next fall. She was elected in Spring 2017 and will serve as business senator for the Rawls College until Spring 2018 re-elections. Riggs believes her position as a business senator will help make more opportunities throughout the Rawls College known to students.

What inspired you to run for the senator position?

I can actually make a change on campus and in the Rawls College just by listening and observing what changes students and faculty would like to see. I love being part of this group of people who motivate each other and have so much passion for Texas Tech.

What are your responsibilities as business senator?

I listen to students and staff to see what changes they would like to see made, both within the Rawls College and on campus. We also support the student business organizations housed in the Rawls College through financial contributions and listening to their needs.

What are some benefits of being a business senator?

I get to work closely with the staff and dean of the Rawls College, which really makes it a comfortable environment to work in. You get to meet people that are as motivated as you, and together, you get to accomplish so many amazing things for the school.

What are your ultimate goals to improve the Rawls College and Texas Tech? Is there anything specific you hope to accomplish?

A huge goal for this year is to make the Rawls College more accessible during exam weeks and finals. I believe the building provides a great area for students to concentrate on studying and students need more open hours during these exam periods to study.

What are your career goals and how do you think holding this position will help you achieve those goals?

I plan on pursuing my supply chain management degree and working for an international firm upon graduation. Although I am involved in student government, I am not interested in joining the political sphere after graduation. However, I plan to use all my knowledge and experience as a leader in SGA to help me lead my company to success.

Do you have any advice for students looking to study supply chain management at the Rawls College? What is your advice to students hoping to run for senator?

Students interested in supply chain should feel free to ask any and all questions about what this degree actually entails, because I was very confused when I first heard of it. I would also recommend they are very organized and good with collaboration. This is also very similar to SGA, because we work together all the time and it is essential to be organized.