Texas Tech University

Business Senator Spotlight: Joe Connelly

Casey Montalvo

Joe Connelly


Junior Joe Connelly is double majoring in marketing and management. He was inspired to run for business senator so he can create a better student experience at Texas Tech and at the Rawls College. Connelly was elected in Spring 2017 and will continue to serve as business senator until re-elections in Spring 2018. His favorite thing about the Rawls College is the access he has to numerous student organizations, resume workshops and mock interviews that help prepare students for their future.

What are your responsibilities as business senator?

As a business senator, I represent the Rawls College as a liaison between the students and administration and do my best to foster student involvement.

What are some benefits of being a business senator?

A huge benefit of serving as a business senator is my ability to voice student input directly to administration. The possibility to have one-on-one talks with administration about what students want out of their college experience is very rewarding. With that, the ability to represent the Rawls College every day is a huge honor and privilege.

What are your ultimate goals to improve the Rawls College and Texas Tech? Is there anything specific you hope to accomplish?

The student senate does its very best to achieve many improvements throughout the Rawls College, and we are all currently working on multiple improvement possibilities. My personal goal is to adjust the Commuter North parking lot entrance directly across from the Rawls College. Currently, the ramp to enter the lot is extremely steep and causes many scrapes to students' cars.

What are your career goals and how do you think holding this position will help you achieve those goals?

I personally strive to become a vice president of marketing for a company. Being a business senator will help me with my future ambitions because of all the communication I have with students and administration. As a liaison, I get to represent both students and administration and solve problems in a mutually beneficial way.

Do you have any advice for students looking to study marketing or management at the Rawls College?

My biggest piece of advice to students pursuing a marketing or management degree would be use all the resources offered to you through the Rawls College. I highly recommend joining many organizations, as well.

What is your advice to students hoping to run for senator?

I would advise students interested in running for a senator position to fully understand the position and responsibilities that come with it. Being a business senator is extremely rewarding, but it is not something to join and forget about. You must be engaged and committed to doing your best to assist students.