Texas Tech University

New Digital Marketing Course Offered This Semester

Kaitlin York

The Area of Marketing and Supply Chain Management is offering Digital Marketing as a special topics marketing course for the first time this semester. The course, taught by Debbie Laverie, professor of marketing, focuses on digital marketing strategies and tactics. Students are given the opportunity to experience and analyze the effects of creating, promoting and adapting an online identity for a marketing organization.

"Given the nature of marketing in the 21st century, it is essential for students to understand digital marketing," Laverie said. "This course introduces how firms directly interact with customers through digital means by exploring the social media tools for managing and analyzing an organization's virtual presence for marketing purposes."

The course focuses on the key components of planning and creating an effective social media marketing strategy. Specific emphasis is placed on building a content strategy, channel evaluation, psychology of social media, community-building, developing a brand voice, best practices for how brands should behave and, lastly, measuring efforts. Students will apply what they learn in class by creating a social media plan for a local nonprofit organization.

In addition to exploring the components of a social media marketing strategy, students also take exams to receive a number of industry certifications that can be added to their resume. These certifications include Hubspot Inbound, Hubspot Email, Hubspot Content, Google Ad Words, Google Analytics, Salesforce Trailmix and Hootsuite.

"This hands-on class gives students an understanding of digital marketing trends so they will be better informed when they go to work in industry," senior marketing major Keifer Lenamond said. "The certifications in different digital marketing programs we are getting throughout the semester have already helped build my resume and prepare me for a career in marketing."

This course will be offered online in the Spring 2018 semester.