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Faculty Spotlight: Stephen Buschbom

Kaitlin York




Stephen Buschbom joined the Rawls College faculty this semester as an assistant professor in the Area of Finance. He is the co-advisor for the Real Estate Organization and is currently teaching Real Estate Finance (FIN 3334). Buschbom received both his B.B.A. in Real Estate and his Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in real estate and a minor in finance from the University of Georgia. Prior to starting his Ph.D., he worked at Voya Investment Management in Atlanta for six years, where he started as an analyst and left as an assistant portfolio manager. His areas of research expertise are real estate finance and investment, mortgage-backed securities, urban economics and spatial economics. 

Why did you decide to join the Rawls College faculty?

Interim Dean Emeritus Paul Goebel was instrumental in my recruitment. He graduated from the University of Georgia with his doctorate and ended up spending 37 years at Texas Tech. As I was about to earn my doctorate, I placed a lot of weight on Goebel's positive experience at the Rawls College. In the end, though, my decision was finalized after meeting with the finance faculty. The more I spoke with faculty members during my interview process, the more I wanted to make Texas Tech and the Rawls College my new home. My wife and I are excited to be in Lubbock, and I hope to make Paul proud since he left big shoes to fill.

What have you enjoyed most about the Rawls College thus far?

The people – faculty, staff and students. Everyone at Rawls College has made my transition a positive experience. I feel at home and it's a feeling that came easier and quicker than I expected. The Rawls College community is great and I'm glad to be a part of it.

How does your experience in real estate impact your teaching?

My work experience makes it easy for me to step away from the material and explain certain concepts naturally. My first year and a half at Voya coincided with the build-up to the 2007/2008 subprime collapse, and I left Voya in July of 2012 when the mortgage market had pretty much stabilized. I experienced a unique business cycle firsthand at an investment management firm, and I often draw upon the knowledge I gained at Voya to enhance my lectures.

How do the skills acquired with a real estate concentration help prepare students for a career in real estate?

The real estate concentration provides students with the foundational knowledge employers expect, but it also builds confidence in applying that knowledge. Real estate is a very broad field and students must have confidence in order to succeed in whatever facet of the real estate industry they pursue.

Why should students interested in real estate join the Real Estate Organization?

The Real Estate Organization (REO) at Texas Tech is an easy way for students interested in the real estate industry, specifically commercial real estate, to network and enhance their professional development. REO has a great monthly guest speaker series where students can meet and learn from seasoned industry professionals. Ultimately, REO helps students maximize their potential outside of a traditional classroom and increases the likelihood a student will find a career path that makes them happy.