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Ph.D. Faculty Spotlight: Debbie Laverie

Casey Montalvo

Debbie Laverie



Why should a prospective Ph.D. student choose the Rawls College? What makes the Rawls College unique?
We have top-notch faculty who will work closely with doctoral students during their program. The faculty publish with doctoral students, and the seminars we offer are outstanding and will prepare students well.

What would a student need to know when pursuing a Ph.D. at the Rawls College?
This is a full-time program geared toward students who wish to have a career in academia.

What notable research are students and faculty at the Rawls College conducting in the field of marketing?
Kiran Pedada was selected as a runner-up in the Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) Dissertation Proposal Competition. He will receive his award at the SMA conference in Louisville, Ky. this November. People are also doing research in strategy, consumer behavior, social media and data analytics.

What inspired you to join the Rawls College Ph.D. program?
I have been involved with the Ph.D. program as a faculty member for a long time. I have enjoy working with doctoral students as they develop as scholars. I teach seminars and have chaired dissertations, so I am excited to be able to serve as an advisor and work with our marketing students as they plan their doctoral studies and move through their program.