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Student Org. Spotlight: Business Valuation Club

Chelsea Grunden

Student Org BV


The Tech Business Valuation Club (BV) assists students who wish to obtain an American Society of Appraisers Business Valuation accreditation while completing their degree. The club hosts regular meetings and study sessions in order to prepare for the four accreditation exams.

What is the mission/purpose of BV?
The mission of BV is to enhance finance and accounting skills and expose students to the business valuation field. The purpose of our organization is to prepare students for careers in the business valuation profession by giving these students a competitive advantage. To accomplish this, students begin to prepare for certifications in business valuation from the American Society of Appraisers.

Who is eligible to join BV? What are the membership requirements?
The club is open to all finance and accounting students in the Rawls College. Members are required to meet twice a week to prepare for the certification exams.

What are some benefits to joining BV?
The major benefits include enhancing your finance and accounting skills and networking sessions with industry professionals. Currently, our membership experiences a 100 percent job placement rate after graduation.

Are there any upcoming events or activities you would like to share with Rawls students?
The BV Club is heading to Dallas for the Texas Tech vs. Baylor game! This is another benefit for our members; we like to reward them for all of their hard work. We are also joined by BV professionals, so it also serves as a great networking opportunity!

What has been your favorite part about BV?
It's a great way to boost your qualifications and market yourself when looking for job opportunities because being a member shows your commitment. The networking opportunities are an added benefit.

Answers provided by BV Vice President Martin Gutierrez. If you have questions about BV or are interested in joining, visit the website here.