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STEM MBA Student Spotlight: Adriana Aguilar

Kaitlin York

Adriana Aguilar


Adriana Aguilar will complete her STEM MBA degree in May. Prior to joining the Rawls College, she graduated from Rice University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in May 2016. She interned with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation both as a production engineer and field production engineer. While at Rice University, she served as the treasurer for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and president for the Society of Women Engineers. At the Rawls College, she currently serves as president of the Rawls Graduate Association. Read how the STEM MBA is preparing her for her future career in the Q&A below.

Why did you decide to pursue a STEM MBA?

Since I started my engineering degree, I knew I wanted to pursue an MBA. The STEM MBA will help complement my theoretical engineering background with a more applicable approach to problem solving. Being able to understand problems from both an engineering perspective and a business perspective will allow me to more effectively solve complex problems.

What has been your favorite aspect of the STEM MBA program?

I really enjoy the variety of classes I have taken. I have gained insight into many aspects of business, including accounting, finance, management, marketing and commercialization. Having both a business and engineering perspective will be beneficial as I progress through my career.

What is your career goal and how will the STEM MBA help you reach it?

My long-term goals include working in a project management role, where I can develop and implement business solutions. The STEM MBA will help me reach my career goals by developing both my technical and soft skills.

How do the STEM MBA classes complement your STEM background?

My engineering degree gave me many technical problem-solving skills. The STEM MBA complements these skills by giving me the knowledge required to successfully implement solutions and understand the business implications of solutions. In the STEM MBA program, I've learned how to become more entrepreneurial and turn technical skills into useful assets.

Why would you recommend getting a STEM MBA from the Rawls College?

Being able to complete an MBA in a year without previous work experience is a major advantage. When I've interviewed and networked with employers, they are impressed by my engineering and business experience. Companies value students who understand both technical concepts and business applications. Employers also know that STEM MBA students are more prepared to enter the workforce and can draw on more knowledge and skills. The STEM MBA program is very unique and greatly empowers students to be more successful in their careers.