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Business Senator Spotlight: David Rivero

Casey Montalvo

david rivero

David Rivero was elected in Spring 2017 as a business senator after being inspired to run by one his friends. He is a sophmore Rawls College student double majoring in marketing and management and double minoring in political science and Spanish. Read about what his position entails and how it is preparing him for his future in the Q&A below.

What are your responsibilities as business senator?

As a business senator, it is my responsibility to act as a liaison between the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Rawls College of Business. I represent not only the general student body of Texas Tech, but more specifically, the interests of Rawls College students by listening to their concerns and ideas. I want to create possible solutions to introduce to the Student Senate in hopes of making the Rawls College the best possible educational institution.

What are some benefits of being a business senator?

I love representing the Rawls College of Business. The greatest benefit is having the opportunity to interact with most, if not all, of the students, faculty and staff within the college.

What are your goals to improve the Rawls College and Texas Tech? 

Although my opinion may be biased, the Rawls College is the best college on campus. We have the most attentive and experienced faculty and staff and dedicated students. The majority of the college is heavily involved with altruistic endeavors throughout our community. My hopes this year have been to keep that close-knit community alive, but on a grander scale as the Rawls College continues to grow.

What are your career goals and how do you think holding this position will help you achieve those goals?

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for business and public service. After college, my plan is to allow my entrepreneurial spirit to guide me in the right direction. By serving Texas Tech with my role in SGA, I have the ability to network not only in the business community, but also from a political standpoint.

Do you have any advice for students looking to study marketing and management in the Rawls College? 

Ask questions and get involved. If you would like to study management or marketing, take an entry-level course to see if it is something you're interested in. Getting involved is so important. The SGA is one of more than 500 student organizations here at Texas Tech, and joining a few can help you discover what your passion is.