Texas Tech University

Concentration Spotlight: Area of Construction Management

Chelsea Grunden

The Rawls College offers a B.B.A. in General Business with a concentration in construction management, a unique program that is offered in conjunction with the Whitacre College of Engineering and requires a minor in construction engineering.

The program takes a total of 120 hours to complete. Students must have a minimum 2.75 Texas Tech GPA to take core business classes and a minimum 3.5 Texas Tech GPA in order to declare a minor in construction engineering.

Construction management is a unique concentration designed to meet the needs of the industry. Separate from a degree in construction engineering that focuses on the structures and building processes within the real estate and construction industries, construction management is more focused on the understanding of the financial and business components.

Skills required of this major are a financial – rather than algebraic – understanding of construct costs, the ability to see comprehensive value as more than just input cost, and interpersonal management and marketing skills.

"The real estate and construction industries do not exist in a vacuum, and this degree plan recognizes the interconnectivity of financial returns, capital management and construction logistics," Jared Harrell, assistant professor of practice, said. "This degree plan prepares its graduates for many aspects of the real estate and construction industries beyond construction management, including asset management and investment analysis. Employers – such as general contractors, real estate developers and full-service real estate firms – recognize the value of graduates that understand both the business and practical considerations of constructing, managing and valuing infrastructure projects."

Students pursuing this degree take the same upper division core classes as other business students. After finishing all core classes and prerequisites, students take the major classes consisting of Real Estate Fundamentals (FIN 3332), Market Research and Analysis (MKT 3356), Perspectives on Entrepreneurship (MGT 3390) and Strategic Management (MGT 4380).

Students are also required to complete three of the following electives: Personal Financial Management (FIN 3319), Real Estate Finance (FIN 3334), Real Estate Appraisal (FIN 4333), Real Estate Investments (FIN 4335) and Internship in Finance (FIN 4382).

The required minor involves the following courses: Construction Materials and Blueprint Reading (CONE 2300), MEP Systems and Design for Construction (CONE 3302), Construction Safety (CONE 4300), Construction Costs and Estimating (CONE 4320), Construction Management (CONE 4322) and Construction Contracts and Specifications (CONE 4324).

"I have always been intrigued by construction, but I originally had not thought to make it my career before hearing about this program," John Gibberman, a senior in the construction management program, said. "I like getting to learn about the management side of construction in my business classes at the Rawls College. The classes in my minor are also really helpful because they are specific to the field of construction, and we learn about real world examples that we will come across in the field."

If you are interested in learning more about a concentration in construction management, contact your advisor.