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Impactful Individual: Francisco Delgadillo

Francisco Delgadillo was honored as one of two inaugural recipients of the Jerry S. Rawls Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2021.

Rawls College  |  March 28, 2023

As Texas Tech University celebrates its centennial year in 2023, the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business will highlight impactful individuals from years past. While each person be it as a student, alumni, friend, faculty or staff member may have impacted the college or their industry differently, one thing will always be constant: they are all part of the Rawls College legacy.

Francisco Delgadillo is an associate professor of practice within the Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences area at Rawls College. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, as well as an MBA and PhD from Texas Tech University.

In 2021, Delgadillo was honored as one of two inaugural recipients of the Jerry S. Rawls Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award for his ability to go above and beyond to inspire students, challenge them to do their best work and prepare them for long-term success. He has also received many other student-driven awards at Texas Tech such as the Mortar Board/ODK Outstanding Faculty Award, Adelante Award in Education, Student Organization Outstanding Advisor Award and back-to-back Daily Toreador Best Professor Awards.

During his four-year tenure as the Faculty Director for Diversity at Rawls College, Delgadillo led several initiatives to increase opportunities for minorities within the college and helped increase the Hispanic undergraduate student population by 58%. To expand access to membership benefits for underrepresented student populations, he led the transformation of the Hispanic Business Association to the Multicultural Student Business Association. Additionally, as a way to provide female students with prime opportunities to meet and learn from influential female business leaders and alumni, Delgadillo led the formation of the Rawls Women in Business student organization.

He has mentored countless first-generation college students through the Scovell Business Leadership Program and Mentor Tech and it is not uncommon for him remember details of his students from many years ago.

"Every semester I do my best to get to know my students at a personal level," said Delgadillo. "I do not think about class as a lecture or a speech, but, instead, when I deliver the material, I think of it more like having a talk on a person-to-person level making students feel valued, respected and part of the learning experience."

Prior to his academic work, Delgadillo was a senior electrical engineer in the aerospace industry as well as a business systems consultant. His research interests include Operations Management, Lean Manufacturing, as well as Ethics in Information Systems.

For more information on the impact of Rawls College, please visit the centennial exhibit at the Texas Tech Museum.