Texas Tech University

Our People

Name Job Title Department/Area
Abrams, Derek, MBA Abrams, Derek, MBA Assistant Professor of Practice Business Economics
Aguirre-Urreta, Miguel, Ph.D. Aguirre-Urreta, Miguel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor ISQS
Alam, Mohammed Alam, Mohammed Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Alfadhel, Asma Alfadhel, Asma Ph.D. Student Marketing
Allen, Roberta, M.S. in Accounting Allen, Roberta, M.S. in Accounting Instructor Accounting
Anderson, Kelley Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Anderson, Dianne, M.S. Anderson, Dianne, M.S. Instructor, Consultant Business Communication
Anderson, Dennis, M.Ed. Anderson, Dennis, M.Ed. Lead Administrator- Graduate and Nontraditional Students Career Management Center
Armeen, Inaiya Armeen, Inaiya Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Armstrong, Will, Ph.D. Armstrong, Will, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Finance
Armstrong, Aaron Armstrong, Aaron IT Support Technician II (Multimedia Specialist) BACS
Arnett, Dennis, Ph.D. Arnett, Dennis, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and External Relations & John B. Malouf Professor of Marketing Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Arnett, Wendy Arnett, Wendy Senior Director Rawls Graduate Programs Graduate Professional Programs
Aronson, Olivia Aronson, Olivia PhD student Management
Azim Khan, Sharier Azim Khan, Sharier Ph.D. Candidate (3rd year) Finance
Baig, Ahmed Baig, Ahmed Ph.D. Student Finance
Baucum, Chelsea Baucum, Chelsea Program Director- Events and Internal Marketing Career Management Center
Baumann, Jeremiah Baumann, Jeremiah Unit Assistant Director (Testing Center Manager) BACS
Beard, Terri Beard, Terri Coordinator Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Bhoumik, Kshitij Bhoumik, Kshitij Ph.D. Student Marketing
Bigbee, Kristen, M.S. Bigbee, Kristen, M.S. Instructor Accounting
Bina, Saman Bina, Saman Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Bingham, Charlotte, J.D. Bingham, Charlotte, J.D. Instructor Business Law
Biswas, Rumpa Biswas, Rumpa Ph.D. Candidate (4th year) Finance
Blackwell, Jonathan Management
Boal, Kimberly, Ph.D. Boal, Kimberly, Ph.D. Professor Management
Bohannon, Nikki, MBA Bohannon, Nikki, MBA Associate Director of Management
Bohn, Stephanie Director of Academic Administration; Assistant Director, Texas Tech School of Banking Dean's Office
Brannan, Kim Brannan, Kim Unit Supervisor Dean's Office
Brannan, Julie, BFA Brannan, Julie, BFA IT Support Technician III (Tech Services) BACS
Brigham, Keith, Ph.D. Brigham, Keith, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship / Kent R. Hance Professor in Entrepreneurship / Area Coordinator Management
Broughton, Barry, M.Ed. Broughton, Barry, M.Ed. Senior Director Career Management Center and Center for Global Engagement
Brown, Susan Brown, Susan Director Alumni Relations
Browne, Glenn, Ph.D. Browne, Glenn, Ph.D. Rawls Professor of Information & Decision Sciences ISQS
Buck, Angela Buck, Angela Chief Evaluator Undergraduate Services Center
Burkhardt, Jeffrey, Ph.D., FHFMA Burkhardt, Jeffrey, Ph.D., FHFMA Professor and Director, Health Organization Management Programs Management
Burns, James, Ph.D. Burns, James, Ph.D. Professor ISQS
Buschbom, Stephen, Ph.D. Buschbom, Stephen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Finance
Camors, Casey, CPA CMA CPFO CGMA Camors, Casey, CPA CMA CPFO CGMA Ph.D. Student Accounting
Cann, Adam Cann, Adam Ph.D. Student Marketing
Cardella, Eric, Ph.D. Cardella, Eric, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Business Economics
Cardella, Laura, Ph.D. Cardella, Laura, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Finance
Carnes, Adrienne Carnes, Adrienne Senior Director Undergraduate Services Center
Carrasco, Heather Carrasco, Heather Assistant Professor Accounting
Chambers, Barbie, Ph.D. Chambers, Barbie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice, Director Business Communication
Chandler, Jeffrey Chandler, Jeffrey Ph.D. Student Area of Management
Chaudhry, Alexander, Ph.D. Chaudhry, Alexander, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Chavez, Stacy, MAS, CPA Chavez, Stacy, MAS, CPA Second-Year Ph.D. Student Accounting
Chen, Mengxi Chen, Mengxi Ph.D. Candidate (3rd year) Finance
Chi, Sabrina Chi, Sabrina Accounting
Choi, Hyungeun Choi, Hyungeun Ph.D. Candidate (3rd year) Finance
Chung, Kiseo, Ph.D. Chung, Kiseo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Finance
Clem, Corey, Ph.D. Clem, Corey, Ph.D. Instructor, Director Georgie G. Snyder Center for Business Communication
Cogliser, Claudia, Ph.D. Cogliser, Claudia, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate School Management
Cogo, Gabriel Cogo, Gabriel Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Collins, Corey, MSA Collins, Corey, MSA Third-Year Ph.D. Candidate / Graduate Part-Time Instructor Accounting
Collins, Allison, Ph.D., CPA Collins, Allison, Ph.D., CPA Associate Professor of Practice Accounting
Collins, Denton, Ph.D. Collins, Denton, Ph.D. Jerry S. Rawls Professor Accounting
Condon, Miles Condon, Miles Ph.D. Student Marketing
Cook, Kirsten, Ph.D. Cook, Kirsten, Ph.D. Associate Professor Accounting
Cooney, Jack, Ph.D. Cooney, Jack, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Benninger Family and John Walker Professor Finance
Crosby, Michelle Crosby, Michelle Academic Administrative Coordinator Accounting
Dass, Mayukh, Ph.D. Dass, Mayukh, Ph.D. Area Coordinator, Marketing & Supply Chain Management; J.B. Hoskins Professor of Marketing; Director, Rawls Business Leadership Program Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Davis, Fred Davis, Fred Professor and Stevenson Chair in IT ISQS
Davis, Jill Instructor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Delgadillo, Francisco, Ph.D. Delgadillo, Francisco, Ph.D. Faculty Director for Diversity and Associate Professor of Practice ISQS
Duhan, Dale, Ph.D. Duhan, Dale, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Durrant, Jon, CPA Durrant, Jon, CPA Third-Year Ph.D. Student Accounting
Durrett, John, Ph.D. Durrett, John, Ph.D. Undergraduate Advisor/Associate Professor ISQS
Elkins, Hamilton Elkins, Hamilton Ph.D. Student Accounting
Estes, Kellie Estes, Kellie Director Center for Energy Commerce
Ewing, Bradley, Ph.D. Ewing, Bradley, Ph.D. C.T. McLaughlin Chair of Free Enterprise Energy Commerce
Fairbairn, Dennis Fairbairn, Dennis Building Coordinator Support Services Center
Fairbanks, Joshua, Ph.D. Fairbanks, Joshua, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice Finance
Fears, Zabrina Fears, Zabrina Program Coordinator Center for Global Engagement
Fish, Mark Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Fitzgerald, Timothy, Ph.D. Fitzgerald, Timothy, Ph.D. Associate Professor Business Economics
Flamm, Phillip, MBA, CAPM Flamm, Phillip, MBA, CAPM Core Course Instructor ISQS
Fleischman, Gary, Ph.D. Fleischman, Gary, Ph.D. Professor Accounting
Frias, Kelli, Ph.D. Frias, Kelli, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Fried, Yitzhak, Ph.D. Fried, Yitzhak, Ph.D. Trinity Professor of Management Management
Frisbie, Charles, M.Ed. Frisbie, Charles, M.Ed. Instructor Energy Commerce
Fullerton, Caren Fullerton, Caren Part-time Instructor Management
Gant, Danielle, MAS, CPA Gant, Danielle, MAS, CPA Third-Year Ph.D. Candidate Accounting
Gardner, William, DBA Gardner, William, DBA Jerry S. Rawls Chair in Leadership; Director of the Institute for Leadership Research Management
Giberson, Michael, Ph.D. Giberson, Michael, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Practice Business Economics
Giddens, Terri, Ph.D. Giddens, Terri, Ph.D. Visiting Professor ISQS
Gordon, Jacob, M.A. Gordon, Jacob, M.A. Unit Manager/Instructor Georgie Snyder Center for Business Communication
Graue, William Graue, William Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Greenlee, Michelle Web Developer Communications and Marketing
Gullifor, Daniel Gullifor, Daniel Ph.D. Student Management
Guo, Savannah Guo, Savannah Third-year Ph.D. candidate Accounting
Gutierrez, Walter Gutierrez, Walter Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Guzman, Maegan Guzman, Maegan Academic Administrative Coordinator ISQS
Haislip, Jacob, Ph.D. Haislip, Jacob, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Accounting
Hansen, Hans, Ph.D. Hansen, Hans, Ph.D. Associate Professor Management
Hao, Jie, CPA, MBA, Macc Hao, Jie, CPA, MBA, Macc Ph.D. student Accounting
Harkey, Susan Harkey, Susan Unit Manager Dean's Office
Harper, Jeffrey, MBA, ABD Harper, Jeffrey, MBA, ABD Instructor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Harrell, Jared, J.D. Harrell, Jared, J.D. Assistant Professor of Practice Finance
Hart, Matthew, Ph.D. Hart, Matthew, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Accounting
Hart, Nicole Hart, Nicole Academic Administrative Coordinator Finance
He, Wei, Ph.D. He, Wei, Ph.D. Assistant Professor ISQS
Hein, Scott, Ph.D. Hein, Scott, Ph.D. Professor, Robert C. Brown Chair; Faculty Director - Emeritus, School of Banking Finance
Hicks, Janice Hicks, Janice Senior Director Dean's Office
Hoover, Duane, Ph.D. Hoover, Duane, Ph.D. Professor of Practice Management
Howell, Roy, Ph.D. Howell, Roy, Ph.D. Professor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Hu, Jiang Hu, Jiang Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Huddleston, Whitney Huddleston, Whitney Coordinator of Development Operations Development
Hunt, Shelby, Ph.D. Hunt, Shelby, Ph.D. Professor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Johnston, Staci Johnston, Staci Coordinator Career Management Center
Jones, Donald, Ph.D. Jones, Donald, Ph.D. James E. & Elizabeth F. Sowell Professor / James C. Wetherbe Professor of ISQS ISQS
Kang, Seonjun Kang, Seonjun Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Kantelis, Nikki Kantelis, Nikki Assistant Professor of Practice Energy Commerce
Karam, Elizabeth, Ph.D. Karam, Elizabeth, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Management
Kaskela, Timothy Kaskela, Timothy Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Keaton, Chathry Keaton, Chathry Graduate & Professional Programs
Kennedy, Michael, M.A. Kennedy, Michael, M.A. Instructor, Consultant Business Communication
Kfir, Alon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Finance
Kim, Kay Kim, Kay Ph.D. Student Finance
Kvick, Nettie Kvick, Nettie Administrator (Assistant Testing Center Manager) BACS
Lafont, Matthew Lafont, Matthew Management
Laverie, Debbie, Ph.D. Laverie, Debbie, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Lay, Lowell, MBA Lay, Lowell, MBA Lecturer ISQS
Lee, Eo "Jin" Ph.D. Student Accounting
Li, Mingwei Ph.D. Student Management
Lin, Zhangxi, Ph.D. Lin, Zhangxi, Ph.D. Associate Professor ISQS
Lingnau, Jerrie Lingnau, Jerrie Specialist IV Georgie G. Snyder Center for Business Communication
Long, Charles Long, Charles Instructor Business Economics
Lunt, Lucas Lunt, Lucas Ph.D. Student Marketing
Lynn, Quepha, M.S. in Accounting Lynn, Quepha, M.S. in Accounting Instructor Accounting
Ma, Tao, Dr. Assistant Professor of Accounting Accounting
Maheshwari, Harsh Maheshwari, Harsh Ph.D. Student Marketing
Mandrell, Lara, M.A. Mandrell, Lara, M.A. Instructor Business Communication
Marquardt, Blair Marquardt, Blair Fourth-Year Ph.D. Student Accounting
Martin, Lisa Martin, Lisa Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Masselli, John, Ph.D. Masselli, John, Ph.D. Haskell Taylor Professor of Taxation Accounting
McDonald, Scott McDonald, Scott IT Support Technician II (Assistant Multimedia Manager) BACS
McDonald, Bob, Ph.D. McDonald, Bob, Ph.D. Professor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
McInturff, Russell, J.D. McInturff, Russell, J.D. Assistant Professor of Practice Energy Commerce
McInturff, Terry, J.D. McInturff, Terry, J.D. Area Coordinator, Professor of Practice Energy Commerce
Mears, Lindsey Mears, Lindsey Ph.D. Student Management
Mercer, Jeff, Ph.D. Mercer, Jeff, Ph.D. Senior Associate Dean; I. Wylie and Elizabeth Briscoe Chair in Finance; Director, Institute for Banking and Financial Studies; Faculty Director, School of Banking Finance
Merriman, Bobby Merriman, Bobby Ph.D. Student Finance
Miller, Helen Miller, Helen Support Services Center
Miller, Zafar Miller, Zafar Server Administrator IV (Associate Director/BACS) BACS
Miller, David Miller, David Part-Time Instructor Management
Mink, Garrett Undergraduate Services Center
Mitchell, Corky Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Mitchell, Ronald, Ph.D. Mitchell, Ronald, Ph.D. Professor of Entrepreneurship; Jean Austin Bagley Regents Chair in Management Management
Mitchell, Benjamin, Ph.D. Mitchell, Benjamin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice ISQS
Moncrief, Ashly Moncrief, Ashly Director- International Programs Center for Global Engagement
Moore, Celinda Moore, Celinda Instructor Accounting
Moore, Mark, Ph.D. Moore, Mark, Ph.D. Associate Professor in the Practice Finance
Moore, Ladan Moore, Ladan Support Services Center
Moradi, Masoud Moradi, Masoud Ph.D. Candidate Marketing
Morgan, Michaela Graphic Designer Communications and Marketing
Mosher, Chris Executive Associate to the Dean Dean's Office
Moskos, Michele, MBA Moskos, Michele, MBA Director, Communications and Marketing Communications and Marketing
Muhammad, Muhammad Muhammad, Muhammad Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant Management
Myers, Brett, Ph.D. Myers, Brett, Ph.D. Associate Professor Finance
Newaz, Md. Tarique Newaz, Md. Tarique Ph.D. Student Marketing
Ning, Weihong Ning, Weihong Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Niu, Xu, Ph.D. Niu, Xu, Ph.D. Job Market Candidate Finance
Noghani, Farzaneh Noghani, Farzaneh Ph.D. Student Management
Noyes, Grace, Instructor Instructor
Nuñez, Anita Nuñez, Anita Instructional Designer Rawls eLearning Center
Oler, Derek, Ph.D. Oler, Derek, Ph.D. Associate Professor Accounting
Oles, Alice Oles, Alice Associate Director External Relations
Ottolenghi, Ezgi, Ph.D. Ottolenghi, Ezgi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Finance
Ovalle, Ida, M.A. Ovalle, Ida, M.A. Instructor, Consultant Business Communication
Padalkar, Nakul Padalkar, Nakul Ph.D. student ISQS
Pangarkar, Aniruddha Pangarkar, Aniruddha Ph.D. Student Marketing
Pantoya, Damian, Instructor Pantoya, Damian, Instructor Accounting
Pasewark, William, Ph.D. Pasewark, William, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research, Webster Professor of Business Accounting
Patton, Allison Patton, Allison Career Development Specialist- Professional Documents Career Management Center
Patton, Pam Patton, Pam Coordinator, Senior Office Assistant Dean's Office
Payne, G. Tyge, Ph.D. Payne, G. Tyge, Ph.D. Professor and Snyder Professor of Strategic Management Management
Payne, Dawn, J.D. Payne, Dawn, J.D. Instructor Business Law
Pedada, Kiran Pedada, Kiran Ph.D. Candidate Marketing
Perez, Junior, MBA Perez, Junior, MBA International Programs Administrator Center for Global Engagement
Perrin, Dayton Perrin, Dayton Server Administrator III BACS
Peters, Jessica Peters, Jessica International Programs Administrator Center for Global Engagement
Petrenko, Oleg, Ph. D. Petrenko, Oleg, Ph. D. Assistant Professor Management
Pham, Viet Ph.D. Student Accounting
Pitman, Jamie Pitman, Jamie Program Director- Student Development Career Management Center
Pitsilides, Archie, MBA, M.A. Pitsilides, Archie, MBA, M.A. Director of Grants and Outreach Dean's Office
Pleasant, Laura Beth, J.D. Pleasant, Laura Beth, J.D. Assistant Professor of Practice Business Law
Popovich, Deidre, Ph.D. Popovich, Deidre, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Porter, Bill Porter, Bill Instructor Business Law
Powell, Benjamin Powell, Benjamin Professor Business Economics
Principe, Jennifer Principe, Jennifer Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Proctor, Madison Proctor, Madison Program Director Undergraduate Recruitment
Reyes, Belinda Reyes, Belinda Administrative Assistant Dean's Office
Ricketts, Robert, Ph.D. Ricketts, Robert, Ph.D. Frank M. Burke Chair in Taxation, Department Head Accounting
Rinaldo, Jason, Ph.D. Rinaldo, Jason, Ph.D. Senior Director of Assessment / Instructor Dean's Office
Rinaldo, Shannon, Ph.D. Rinaldo, Shannon, Ph.D. Associate Professor Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Ritchey, Robert, Ph.D. Ritchey, Robert, Ph.D. Associate Professor Finance
Rodriguez, Ann, J.D. Rodriguez, Ann, J.D. Associate Professor of Practice Business Law
Rogers, Brad Rogers, Brad Management
Romi, Andrea, Ph.D. Romi, Andrea, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Accounting
Rutner, Paige Rutner, Paige Associate Professor of Practice ISQS
Rutner, Stephen, Ph.D. Rutner, Stephen, Ph.D. Professor of Practice, SCM Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Ryan, Sandra, M.A. Ryan, Sandra, M.A. Instructor Management
Ryan, Michael, Ph.D. Ryan, Michael, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Practice; Executive Director - Institute for Leadership Research; Executive Director - Center for Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management
Sabah, Nasim Sabah, Nasim Ph.D. Candidate (4th year) Finance
Saha, Pritam Saha, Pritam Ph.D. Student Finance
Saleh, Ann-Marie, J.D. Instructor Business Law
Salter, Alexander, Ph.D. Salter, Alexander, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Business Economics
Sanchez, Daniela Sanchez, Daniela Third-Year Ph.D. Candidate Accounting
Sanders, Laura Sanders, Laura Director- Career Services Career Management Center
Schacht, Kamerin Schacht, Kamerin Administrator Undergraduate Services Center
Schuetzeberg, Jerome, J.D. Schuetzeberg, Jerome, J.D. Associate Professor of Practice Energy Commerce
Schuster, Roger Schuster, Roger Programmer Analyst II Dean's Office
Schwintz, Jess Schwintz, Jess Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Scott, Rebecca Scott, Rebecca Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Scott, Bret Accounting
Sears, Joshua, Ph.D. Sears, Joshua, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Management
Sharp, Geleah, M.Ed. Sharp, Geleah, M.Ed. Associate Director Undergraduate Services Center
Sheikh-Zadeh, Alireza, Ph.D. Sheikh-Zadeh, Alireza, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice ISQS
Sierra, Cristina Sierra, Cristina Recruiter Graduate and Professional Programs
Skorodziyevskiy, Vitaliy Skorodziyevskiy, Vitaliy Ph.D. Student Management
Smith, Jordan Smith, Jordan Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Sochi, Maria Sochi, Maria Ph.D. Student Finance
Song, Jaeki, Ph.D. Song, Jaeki, Ph.D. Area Coordinator; Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Management Information Systems ISQS
Statzer, Jonathan Statzer, Jonathan Ph.D. Student Marketing
Stevens, Jerry, MBA Stevens, Jerry, MBA Instructor Management
Stull, Don Stull, Don Part-time Instructor Management
Suchy, Kathryn Suchy, Kathryn IT Director BACS
Talakai, Jayson Talakai, Jayson Ph.D. Candidate Accounting
Taylor, Ashley Taylor, Ashley Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Todd, Ryan Todd, Ryan Director of Development Development
Tow, Jeremy, M.A. Tow, Jeremy, M.A. Program Coordinator- Professional Documents Career Management Center
Trent, Keith, M.S. BA Trent, Keith, M.S. BA Instructor Finance
Trevino, Jerry Trevino, Jerry Senior Analyst Dean's Office
Tribble, Lori Tribble, Lori Ph.D. Student Management
Tribou, Kimberly Tribou, Kimberly Third Year Doctoral Candidate Accounting
Vahidnia, Hamid PhD Candidate Management
Valenzuela, Eric Valenzuela, Eric Ph.D. Student Finance
Viator, Ralph, Ph.D. Viator, Ralph, Ph.D. Clark and Lois Webster Professor Accounting
Villegas, Dino, Ph.D. Villegas, Dino, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Practice Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Wake, Kim Wake, Kim Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Walden, Eric, Ph.D. Walden, Eric, Ph.D. Director of the Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute, Director of Data Science Programs and James C. Wetherbe Professor ISQS
Waldron, Theodore, Ph.D. Waldron, Theodore, Ph.D. Associate Professor Management
Walker, Hailey Walker, Hailey Assistant Director of Recruiting Career Management Center
Wang, Yangmei (Emily), MBA, MST Wang, Yangmei (Emily), MBA, MST First-Year Ph.D. Student Accounting
West, Ashley, MSA, CPA West, Ashley, MSA, CPA Third Year Ph.D. Candidate Accounting
Westfall, Peter, Ph.D. Westfall, Peter, Ph.D. James and Marguerite Niver and Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Statistics ISQS
Wetherbe, James, Ph.D. Wetherbe, James, Ph.D. Richard Schulze Distinguished Professor ISQS
Williams, Margaret, Ph.D. Williams, Margaret, Ph.D. Dean Management
Williams, Erica Williams, Erica IT Support Technician III (Tech Services) BACS
Williams, Jessica Williams, Jessica Part-time Instructor Management
Williams, Feruzan, Ph.D. Williams, Feruzan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Practice Management
Winfree, Matthew Winfree, Matthew IT Support Technician III (Multimedia Services Manager) BACS
Winters, Drew, Ph.D. Winters, Drew, Ph.D. Area Coordinator Finance
Wu, Yi-Jing, Ph.D. Wu, Yi-Jing, Ph.D. Associate Professor Accounting
XU, Lei XU, Lei Ph.D. Student Management
Yack, Jennifer Yack, Jennifer Graduate & Professional Programs
Yadav, Surya Yadav, Surya Professor of Information Systems ISQS
Young, Andrew, Ph.D. Young, Andrew, Ph.D. Professor Business Economics
Yu, Yixiu (Ashley) Yu, Yixiu (Ashley) Ph.D. Candidate (3rd Year) ISQS
Zheng, Xibei Zheng, Xibei Ph.D. Student Finance
Zickefoose, Kelsey Zickefoose, Kelsey Director of Admissions & Recruiting Graduate & Professional Programs