Texas Tech University
Hamid Vahidnia

Hamid Vahidnia

Visiting Assistant Professor


Room Number: E359A

Research Expertise

  • Entrepreneurial cognition, action, and context
  • Institutional, corporate, and entrepreneurial mechanisms that undergird socioeconomic inequality
  • Upward mobility using entrepreneurship


  • PhD, Business Administration (Entrepreneurship and Strategy), Texas Tech University
  • MBA, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Texas Tech University
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology


Hamid Vahidnia is interested in questions and phenomena in the intersection of entrepreneurship, strategy and organization theory. Presently, Hamid is working on two streams of research. First, he is studying a number of institutional, corporate and entrepreneurial mechanisms at work that may play a role in reducing vibrancy of entrepreneurship and in the fostering of inequality of entrepreneurial opportunity in many developed and developing countries. Second, he is working on a research program that helps with further identifying the contextual, behavioral, and cognitive mechanisms that may facilitate the creation of new value by individuals, teams, and existing or emerging organizations.

Hamid holds a BS in industrial engineering from Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology (Tehran) and an MBA and a PhD from Texas Tech University.

His professional experiences include working in several national-level projects in the management consultancy industry of Iran as well as in a number of entrepreneurial businesses in the United States, including several new ventures in Silicon Valley.

His teaching interests and experiences are diverse and include: entrepreneurship, change and innovation processes, Strategic management, and corporate and cooperative strategy. Hamid has taught at Tulane University (Freeman School of Business) and Georgia State University (Robinson College of Business) before coming back to Texas Tech.