Texas Tech University

Research Centers and Institutes

Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence

The Center for Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence (CAABI) promotes the study of business intelligence, and research and teaching on topics such as big data, business analytics, and statistics.


Center for Entrepreneurial & Family Business

The CEFB is also actively engaged in several activities that promote entrepreneurial research, academic study and active commercialization related to entrepreneurial discovery and opportunities.

Keith Brigham, Director
Mike Ryan, Executive Director

Institute for Leadership Research

The mission of the Institute for Leadership Research (ILR) is to support faculty and students in conducting the highest quality quantitative and qualitative research, both basic and applied, focused on leadership, management, and related issues.

Mike Ryan

Institute for Banking & Financial Studies

With a focus on promoting and supporting excellence in finance research and education, the Institute for Banking and Financial Studies of the Rawls College of Business provides financial and intellectual support to the faculty and students of the Area of Finance and the Rawls College of Business.

Jeff Mercer, Director

Physiological and Neurological Imaging Laboratory (PANIL)

Research in PANIL uses functional near infrared spectroscopy, EMG, respiration, EKG, GSR, eye tracking, continuous blood pressure and other physiological responses to address research questions. Additionally, the lab provides research training for undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. students.

Shannon Rinaldo, Director

Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute (TTNI)

The Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute (TTNI) is a multi-user neuroimaging facility that promotes cutting-edge interdisciplinary research among Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center faculty and graduate students. The TTNI provides researchers with brain and body imaging technologies including structural (MRI), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging and techniques, including multimodal data fusion of EEG, fMRI, and DTI data.

Eric Walden, Director

Free Market Institute

The Free Market Institute (FMI) at Texas Tech University (TTU) advances research and teaching related to the free enterprise system and the institutional environment necessary for it to function well. The FMI promotes scholarship that crosses disciplinary boundaries, providing a forum that encourages and values discussion and rigorous debate regarding all aspects of free markets. The FMI coordinates programs that engage the university, the broader Lubbock community, and public and scholarly communities across the nation and the world.

Benjamin Powell, Director

Center for Sales and Customer Relationship Excellence

The center's objective is to advance the knowledge and professional practice of sales and customer relationship management by providing educational and research opportunities to students and corporate professionals.

Atul Parvatiyar, Director