Texas Tech University

Funded Research

Project Title Primary Investigator(s) Funding Agency Funding Amount
How Can Auditors Leverage the Information Content in the Business Press and Social Media Juan Manuel Sanchez KPMG $40,000
Integrative E-learning course: Bringing together business, engineering, and Autism Spectrum Disorder Students Kelli Frias VentureWell $18,000
OIA Bangladesh Agricultural Market Information System (BAMIS) Implementation and Transition to DAM Server Surya Yadav USDA $53,000
Terri Giddens
OIA Design of the SIECA Economic Intelligence Observatory Surya Yadav USDA $100,000
Terri Giddens
Francisco Delgadillo
OIA: Design and Implementation of an Effective Agricultural Marketing Information System for Bangladesh Surya Yadav USDA $150,000
Terri Giddens
Aging in Place, Access to Affordable Housing, and the Health and Living Arrangements of Older Americans Michael Eriksen MacArthur Foundation/Syracuse University $65,211.00
Alstom-Market Watch (WISE-Ind) Michael Giberson Alstom Wind S.L.U. $26,897.97
Current and Future Economic Impacts of Texas Oil and Gas Pipeline Brad Ewing Texas Pipeline Association $71,026.00
Economic Impacts of the Permian Basin: Past and Present  Brad Ewing Permian Basin Petroleum Association   $81,000.00
Terry McInturff
Energy Storage Primer Ronald Mitchell Power Across TX  $2,750.00 
Greenstar BLOX Cost Structure Analysis  Kelli Frias Mason Greenstar, Inc. $11,270.00 
HI2: A New Measure of Hurricane Impact for Innovation in Enterprise Risk Management
Brad Ewing Ntl Science Foundation $140,159.20 
Impact of Drug Use Treatment on HIV Risk Behaviors: As Integrative Data Analysis Michael Eriksen Ntl Institutes of Health  $47,484.60 
International MBA for Working Professionals (IMBA-WP)   Catherine Duran U.S. Dept of Education  $92,496.00 
Debbie Laverie
MRI-Development of Real Time Simulator for Smart Grid Systems Integrated with
Distributed Renewable Energy Sources
Michael Giberson Ntl Science Foundation $20,750.00 
Novel Methods for the Analysis of Gene Signaling Pathways with Applications in Obesity and Diabetes  Peter Westfall National Institutes of Health $25,025.00 
SUPPLEMENT: Novel Methods for the Analysis of Gene Signaling Pathways with Applications in Obesity and Diabetes Peter Westfall National Institutes of Health $73,461.00
SCRIBE Program: Supply Chain Resources for International Business Enterprises  James Wilcox U.S. Dept of Education  $186,879.00 
Development of a Quantitative Model for Measuring Regional Economic Resilience to
Hurricanes (WISE-Ind)
Brad Ewing Ntl Science Foundation  $83,617.80