Texas Tech University

Previous Projects



Increasing Short- and Long-Term Blood Donations: A Longitudinal Field Comparison of Public and Private Events

Faculty Mentor: Riley Krotz

Research Mentee: Andrea Giles

Key Words: global healthcare, attribution theory, blood drives

Project Activities: perform basic statistical analysis, perform basic survey design, and draft result reports

Neurophysiological Assessment of User Acceptance for New Information Systems

Faculty Mentor: Fred Davis

Research Mentee: Garrett Aldrich

Key Words: user acceptance, information technology, neuroscience

Project Activities: review academic literature, set up and validate neurophysiological test equipment, design research protocols with respect to human subjects, organize and analyze research data, and draft result reports

Growth Marketing: Preparing Students for a New Role

Faculty Mentor: Dino Villegas

Research Mentee: Anna Cobbs

Key Words: growth marketing, ground theory, start-ups

Project Activities: conduct executive interviews, transcribe and code responses, and perform qualitative data analysis

Organizational Mindsets and Innovation: Examining Differential Effects of Mindsets on Incremental and Radical Innovation

Faculty Mentor: Babu John Mariadoss

Research Mentee: Kamdyn McCullar

Key Words: mindsets, innovation, mediators

Project Activities: perform data collection, coding, and cleaning, transcribe survey responses, perform literature review, and draft results report

Using Allies to Expand your Network: Implementing a Psychological Methodology to Attract and Retain Underrepresented (UR) Students in STEM

Faculty Mentor: Christine Nittrouer

Research Mentee: Tea Cornelius

Key Words: STEM disciplines, diversity, majority social identities

Project Activities: design field settings, perform basic statistical analysis, perform basic survey design, and draft result reports