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The Inaugural Meeting of the National Energetic Materials Consortium was held Oct. 12-14, 2015 at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. See the agenda, abstracts, biographies and presentations.

The meeting focused on three key areas:

  • Innovation in additive manufacturing of energetic materials
  • Engaging the energetics sector with modern manufacturing systems
  • Transitioning new materials to a modernized industrial base

Purpose Statement

The National Energetic Materials Consortium (NEMC) has been formed by leading universities across the nation to combine the science and technology resources of the academic community with the manufacturing resources of private industry. The aim of the consortium is to bring potentially disruptive but critically needed innovation to the energetics sector of the national technological industrial base. This consortium among university and industry partners will allow for a rapid transition of new materials to a modernized industrial base. Superior energetic materials are in development that can enhance the range, effectiveness, survivability, and scalable performance effects required by our modern energetics and manufacturing systems. This inaugural consortium event, hosted by Texas Tech University, will galvanize these efforts across the nation. It serves to establish a forum for university and industry experts interested in energetic materials and additive manufacturing innovation, in academic, private, and agency sectors, to exchange information on a range of specialized topics relevant to cutting-edge research and new technologies, and discuss the latest developments emerging in their fields.


Michelle Pantoya (Chair), professor of mechanical engineering; Todd Anderson, Weilong Cong, assistant professor of industrial engineering; Louisa Hope-Weeks, professor of chemistry; and Brandon Weeks, professor of chemical engineering.