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Lone Star Law


Lone Star Law
Michael Ariens is professor of law at St. Mary's University of San Antonio, where he teaches courses in legal history, constitutional law, and the legal profession.

Michael Ariens' book “Lone Star Law: A Legal History of Texas” earned the Coral Horton Tullis Memorial Prize for 2011 and the Ray and Pat Browne Award for Best Reference/Primary Source Work in 2012. It is now available in paperback from Texas Tech University Press.

“Lone Star Law” chronicles the transformation of legal systems in Texas from Spanish and French colonization to the era of large law firms. Ariens explores the influences of Spanish, French, English, US, and Confederate rule on Texas' complex legal history. Throughout the book, anecdotes explain the colorful and unique history of justice in Texas.

Lone Star Law is an effort to provide a different lens for viewing the unique history of Texas.

“Lone Star Law” is published by Texas Tech University Press.